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People have been talking a lot about gluten sensitivities and the rise of celiac’s disease for the last couple of decades.  Much of these gluten sensitivities are due to a chemical called glyphosate.  There is a lot of misinformation about wheat and gluten and gut disorders.  We hope to bring some clarity to this confusion in this article.

Glyphosate and gluten intolerance have been known to be linked for more than 5 years.  Just recently there was a lawsuit that was won against Monsanto, the company that makes glyphosate.

As you can see from the chart above, many of the major food corporations’ products are laced with glyphosate, weed killer.  This is very disturbing.  One should make a mental note that autoimmunity is directly linked to gluten consumption.

One interesting thing about wheat and allergies is that the research shows that the main culprit behind wheat allergies and sensitivities is glyphosate.  Monsanto, the chemical company, developed and patented the use of glyphosate to kill weeds in the early 1970s and first brought it to market in 1974, under the Roundup brandname.  One should never think of weed killer as being healthy.  If it kills weeds then it could not be very good for humans.

Research has shown a strong link between many of the chronic diseases and glyphosate / gluten intolerance.  Some of the common diseases are Celiac Sprue, gluten intolerance, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, dermatitis pilliformis and many others.  Interestingly, in Europe and countries where the Genetically Modified Wheat (GMO) and glyphosate were never introduced, wheat allergies rarely exist.  Some other symptoms that are linked to gluten intolerance are nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, microcytic anemia and depression.  The gluten intolerance is a multifactorial disease associated with numerous nutritional deficiencies as well as compromised reproductive health.

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