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I thought it would be wise to take this time to talk to you about allergies, women’s health, cancer, pot and bras.   I thought that it would be challenging for me to discuss all of these things in a single email.  But I am always up for the challenge.  If you have high blood pressure or neck pain or headaches or get exhausted in the afternoon or after a large meal then there is a strong likelihood you are allergic to something.  The New Patient Health History and Physical Examination helps the Chiropractic Kinesiologist to determine what allergies are present and what is causing them.  Once the allergies are identified, the offending allergenic substances can be eliminated from the person’s environment temporarily until the allergies are resolved.

When a person experiences something called an “arthus reaction,” they experience an allergic response that causes the heart to beat faster and abnormally.  This “arthus reaction” happens when a person eats certain foods that they are allergic to such as wheat.  Processed sugar and simple sugars have been shown to cause some people’s hearts to beat faster.  The heart is an emotional organ and so people who have dealt with tremendous emotional burdens in their life often have weak hearts.  You may have heard of the expression, “I am dying of a broken heart.”  This is not just an expression, bur rather, it is a physiological experience that can actually befall a person.  A person really can die from a broken heart after a divorce, separation, death in the family, etc….

Remember that the leading cause of death among women in the United States is heart disease.  Also, keep in mind that the leading cause of death among men in the United States is heart disease.  These facts come from the CDC’s 2010 statistics.  There is a direct relationship between the consumption of wheat and heart health in most people.  The more sensitive to wheat a person is and the more that they consume it, the more it may have a negative affect on a persons health.  This known relationship between wheat and heart health is not 5 years old, or 10 years old or 20 years old or even 100 or 200 years old.  This has been known for well over 5000 years.  Wheat causes destruction of the villi and microvilli of the small intestine.  This in turn causes heart dysfunction and/or disease.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is directly related to the small intestine.  They are like brothers.  Both belong to the fire element. So, how does what type of bra a woman wears fit into all of this?  Follow this link to read the blog post that discusses this.  

Toxins such as heavy metals cause all sorts of health concerns.  Toxic metals are damaging free radical oxidizing agents when the following things are happening in the body:

  • Calcium is high, Magnesium is low
  • Antioxidant deficiencies exist in the body.  (Anti-oxidants are healthy chemicals that come from plants and also from a variety of chemicals in the body that are like fats such as cholesterol, bile, bilirubin, etc….  There are many, many, many different types of antioxidants.  The antioxidants deactivate harmful chemicals called free radicals.  Free radicals are particles that carry an extra oxygen molecule or an extra electron that then searches its surroundings to stabilize its electron bonds within the particle.  Ozone is a good example of a free radical.
  • Net Acid Excess exists in the body
  • There is an Essential Fatty Acid deficiency in the body.  A good source of EFAs is from fish.
  • There is Hormone imbalance in the body.  (This is very, very, very common)

Heavy Metal Toxicity can cause difficulties like the 6 mentioned below:

  1. Autoimmune Disease
  2. Immune dysfunction syndromes such as CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome), FM (Fibromyalgia), ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), endometriosis.
  3. Treatment resistant conditions – “non-responders”.  What this means is that the condition does not seem to respond to any therapy ever unless the practitioner is trained in the thousands of therapies used by the Triad Of Health Chiropractic Kinesiology System of Diagnosis and Treatment.
  4. Heart Disease that usually includes high blood pressure.
  5. Right and left brain imbalances such as dementia and Alzheimer’s
  6. A variety of cancers

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