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We now have a society that no longer makes sense.  I do my best to keep the blog posts focused on health, however, health encompasses all areas of life.  If we look at our government we see a great deal of sickness and disease – not just literally but metaphorically.  One of the greatest and most successful Free Enterprise governments ever to succeed on the planet is also deeply troubled.  The United States has troops in over 150 different countries.  Essentially, this means that the United States is at war with 150 different countries.  When Americans travel to Europe and elsewhere, often people from those countries are not happy with us.  I wonder why?  America is the only country to have used an atomic bomb during war time.  America is a lot like a modern day Roman Empire.  With all of the recent freedom limiting laws that have been created over the last 50 years, it seems unlikely that it is necessary for us to be at war with 150 different countries in order to protect our “freedom.”  In our society, successful actors and entertainers tend to get paid the most money whereas teachers and healers tend to get paid the least.  Does this not seem somewhat backwards to you?  Enormous corporations such as Monsanto have attempted to buy, brand, modify, take ownership over through patents, and market the food that we eat.  When smaller organic farmer’s end up with GMO pollens on their crops from the wind carrying the pollen there, they are sued by Monsanto for stealing their “patented” food technology.  Did we ever stop to consider whether or not the food should be altered?  Is the food that we eat – the produce that has naturally grown on the planet for the last 500,000 years – inherently defective?  No, of course not!  You can learn more about this subject in this book below:


Several weeks back I met a lady at the Downtown San Rafael Farmer’s Market who had an active growing tumor in her Parathyroid Gland.  The tumor had been there for quite some time.  I shared with her a little bit about what we do in the office and the amazing and awesome powerful therapies that we have readily available to shrink and eliminate these types of tumors from the body.  I just recently had a patient who was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer come in and receive about 4 treatments and when an ultrasound was done on her thyroid gland they found that the tumor had shrunk by about 50%.  (This patient might be reading this blog post so I need to be accurate and careful about how I write up this post.)  This sort of thing happens in our office all of the time.  Going back to the example of the lady with the Parathyroid Tumor, I went over with her what we do and I also explained to her the different steps involved with the New Patient Health History and Physical Examination.  On this particular day, time and place I was able to offer her the New Patient Health History and Physical Examination for next to nothing.  She shared with me that she was “skeptical.”  I was unclear on exactly what she was “skeptical” about.  However, what I did know for sure was that when we finished our interaction with each other and parted ways, she would be going home to the same Parathyroid Tumor in her neck and I would not be.  Rather than her moving closer to a resolution to her Parathyroid Tumor that would be free of drugs, radiation and surgery, she would be moving further away from such a resolution.  The lady who was at the Farmer’s Market helping me out pointed this out to me.  The lady with the Parathyroid Tumor was very confused.  It is extremely common for people with cancer to be confused.

Because the majority of patients are not clear on what it is that we do, we are constantly putting together educational material for people and also do our best to have other content available that will help people have more health related facts that will allow them to make better decisions about their health.  It has becoming glaringly obvious to me that not only are our patients unclear on what we do and how we help people with their health, but the overwhelming majority of health care providers are also unclear.  Many people have convinced themselves that because they are familiar with a variety of holistic health care providers and how they function that this somehow makes them an expert in holistic health care.  Or, other health care providers consider themselves to be an “expert” in some area of holistic health care, and yet, their results show otherwise.  In order to help spread LIGHT on the subject, here are a number of approaches to health that may SEEM holistic but are far from it.



1.  Offering your patient some type of Hormone Replacement Therapy such as Melatonin or Estrogen or Progesterone for a period of 6 months or more without BALANCING their hormones and addressing the underlying causes of their health concerns

2.  Offering your patient some type of lotion / potion / pill / or consumable product that they need to keep taking again and again and again and again in order to have the correct success with the therapies offered at your establishment.  To use the SAME pill or potion or lotion or approach time after time, visit after visit, treatment after treatment shows a FAILURE of the treatment or approach.  There are exceptions to this.  Please let me explain.  There are only really 3 causes to patient success with treatment as well as patient failure with treatment.  Logic and reasoning tell us that either the patient succeeds because of something they are doing to succeed or a mindset that they have or as a result of the health care provider they see.  Therefore, the 3 reasons for patient success with health care are 1 – the patient,  2 – the doctor,  3 – both the patient and the doctor.  That is it.  If the doctor provides the right therapy to the right patient at the right time and in the right order then miracles happen.  Sometimes these miracles mean the referral of patients to other health care providers.  I do not pretend or claim to be an optometrist.  I do not pretend or claim to be a surgeon.  I do not pretend, claim or want to be a colon hydrotherapist.  My father is a psychiatrist and my brother is a Marriage and Family Therapist but I am neither one of those things and so sometimes I will refer out to Psychiatrists and MFTs.  In our healing center, if a patient fails to follow through on referrals or lifestyle changes then they MAY need to receive the same type of lotion / potion / pill or consumable over and over again visit after visit.  Another exception to this is Cod Liver Oil.  For a variety of reasons, cod liver oil does support 99.8% of my patients.

3.  Offering some type of device or referral for a device or product that is the same device or product to nearly every single patient who comes in for care while failing to diagnose the cause of the need for such a device or referral.  Some acupuncturists insist on using acu-patches (acupuncture patch) for lots of their patients who have continual meridian imbalances.  But why?  Why not find out what is causing the meridian to be imbalanced and then address the cause and completely turn around the health of your patient so they do not need an acu-patch (acupuncture patch).  For example, if the Kidney Meridian is imbalanced then shouldn’t we consider the type of water the patient drinks as well as how much water and how often?  Water is the main nutrient of the kidneys.  There are chiropractors who focus just solely on the upper neck bones in order to help their patients with their health.  They are called Upper Cervical chiropractors.  I believe in chiropractic.  I am a chiropractor.  I adjust the upper cervical bones all of the time.  However, wouldn’t it make far more sense to figure out WHY the upper neck bones are out of alignment and then address the cause?  I think so.  There are hundreds of thousands of causes for the upper neck bones to be out of alignment.  At Triad Of Health Family Healing Center we look into all of these different causes in order that our patients can not only have their upper cervical bones realigned, but also have the treatment last a long time and hold so that they feel better longer.  The Upper Cervical Chiropractors never address diet, emotions, chemical toxins, other bones that relate to the upper neck, etc…  The only thing that they do is to focus on the bones of the upper neck.  I don’t get it.  Our necks are attached to our abdomen and thoracic cage which is attached to our arms and legs and the rest of our body.  Everything is inter-related.

4.  Selling everyone who is overweight the Standard Process Purification kit in order that they lose weight through detoxification.  This may work and be effective but it does not address the underlying cause of a person’s being overweight.  So, once they lose the weight they usually just gain all the weight back again within a year during the winter time.  Crazy.  Why not just figure out what gland and/or organ and/or system in the body is not working properly, strengthen the weak link in the chain and then see miracles happen.  Weight loss happens naturally with a healthy diet.

5.  Surgeons insisting on surgery without knowing of the alternatives to their surgery.

6.  Holistic M.D.s who offer medication and/or herbs and nutrition and homeopathy as their only treatments.  Give me a break.  What is holistic about this?  Holisitic is supposed to mean Structural, Chemical and Emotional.  Medication, Herbs, Homeopathy and Nutrtion are not structural and/or emotional therapies – they are chemical.

7.  Recommending Point Of Use Water Treatment (filtration).  Good luck with that.  Let me know how it goes in 30 years.  Feel free to read through the Blog Post called “God’s Water.”

Hopefully, you get the idea from this list above.  Let’s move on to women’s health.  Unfortunately, our society has set women up to fail when it comes to their health.  Here is a general list of things that women do that get them into trouble when it comes to their health.  All of the things in the list below cause or exacerbate allergies.  Jeans and deodorant and high heels probably exacerbate allergies somewhat less than the others on the list. 

1. Perfume – not good.

2. Essential Oils – not good.  Most are not steam distilled.  Or, they just cause difficulties for a variety of reasons.

3. High Heels.

4. Body Lotion – most are toxic and actually cause the skin to become more dry.  When you moisturize the skin with a lotion it begins to make less of its own natural moisturizers and oils.

5.  Coffee seems to be popular among many women that I talk to and some are not even able to wake up in the morning without it.

6.  Bra – search this website for a blog post about bras and you can then learn the truth about this important item that prevent many women from getting well and staying well.

7.  Eyeglasses – wrong prescription.

8.  Jeans that are too tight and cut off circulation.

9.  Hair Color

10.  Deodorant

11.  Other Hair Care products in addition to Hair Color

12.  Sunscreen that contains endocrine disruptors (EDs).

13.  Jewelry that contains heavy metals that then end up interfering with the woman’s health

14.  Cellular phones

15.  Wheat, dairy, corn, soy or processed sugar in the diet that interferes with good health.  A sweet woman who eats sweet food may be sweet but not necessarily healthy.

16. Toxic bath salts.  (I am not talking about the ones used as a drug in poverty stricken areas of rural America).

17.  Nail polish  –  toxic.

18.  Toxic Makeup – just because it is called Bare Essentials does not make it non-toxic.

19.  Birth Control Pills and other contraception.

20.  Belly Button Rings and other piercings / rings that do not go in the ear.

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