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What is Applied Clinical Nutrition? And, furthermore, are there any Applied Clinical Nutritionists in Marin County? If there were such an Applied Clinical Nutritionist they would probably be called the San Rafael Applied Clinical Nutritionist.


We already have several unanswered questions not intended to cause frustration or irritability. Next question: what is the difference between Applied Clinical Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition?

A clinical nutritionist is someone who does laboratory work and then uses the lab work to identify nutritional deficiencies that their patient has. Clinical nutritionists treat SYMPTOMS and do not treat CAUSES. An Applied Clinical Nutritionist learns about the health of their patient by having a thorough and complete understanding of human health and anatomy. They have incredible powers of observation that allow them to learn about their patient’s health by watching how they walk, bend, chew their food, swallow their food, crawl, lie, breath, run, jump, and through a variety of other methods that reveal the underlying patient’s physiology. There are many, many, many different orthopedic tests that can be done and their are a variety of books dedicated just to doing these different tests. Some tests check the function of cranial nerves and some test the function of certain glands in the brain and some check for Parotid health and visual function (such as a Snellen Eye Chart) and others will check for the function of specific nerves throughout the body. All of these tests are very telling and reveal a great deal of information about the health and physiclogy (inner workings) of the patient tested. The Applied Clinical Nutritionist is able to understand the patterns behind a person’s health so well that they are able to effectively treat the underlying causes of these nutritional deficiencies. As a matter of fact, some Functional Medicine Doctors like Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff are so good at treating the underlying causes of their patient’s health concerns that patients may walk in to the office with a dozen or more nutritional deficiencies and leave the office without any nutritional deficiencies. None. Zip. Zero. This is only done through incredibly effective therapies such as those described and outlined in David Hawkins’ book Power Versus Force where he describes “critical point analysis.”

So, which one would you rather have supporting you with your health? Would you rather have an Applied Clinical Nutritionist who understands how the body works, how to have a conversation with the body and help it to heal by understanding how to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of health imbalances? Or, would you rather have someone who helps you with your health by doing what they learned in a book without really understanding patterns that have emerged in regards to your health and how those patterns came to develop? I don’t know about you but I would prefer someone who was helping me with my health to have a working knowledge of the human body. I would want them to have studied a variety of therapies such as herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, endocrinology, physilology, histology, immunology, pathology, psychology, and other forms of healing and health care such as psychoneuroimmunology. I would want someone who had successfully diagnosed and treated a number of other patients with similar health concerns to the ones I was dealing with and I would want that health care provider to have gotten great results. What type of results are we talking about? I would want him to be able to heal his patients quickly, safely, and permanently. I would want to be able to hear from those patients and see videos of them talking about their results and read written testimonials of the results that they have had.

By the way, while we are on the subject of nutrition, did you ever wonder what the cause of heart disease is and how to prevent it?  I have your answer here in this chart which review the biochemical pathway of Homocysteine.  Homocysteine is the well known cause of heart disease in conjunction with inflammation in the body.



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