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You are likely reading this post and asking yourself such questions as “What does this Doctor have to offer me”? Similarly, you might be wondering to yourself, “What is all of this about here and how can I use it to help me with my particular concern?” These are good and important questions. Let’s break things down even more simply and plainly than I already have.

The world is changing. Things are uncertain. Most of us in the industrialized world are hurrying to get our kids off to school, get to our job, go to sleep, eat, etc… In fact, I have noticed that I have a number of patients who are so busy that they skip meals regularly. Other people have such dramatic lifestyles that they are traveling around the country or around the world nearly every month for business. There is no end to the challenges that we face today as a society and as a race and as a life form. So, as you ponder how I might be able to help you with some small bit of insight as to why you are here to begin with and what we might be able to do that is different that could give you a better result than you have gotten in the past, it may also be worth while to think of what it was (healthwise) that brought you here to begin with.  What symptoms do you experience?  How do those symptoms affect your life?  What would your life be like if you no longer had those symptoms at all and did not have to worry about them or think about them.


Hippocrates: father of modern medicine

We are responsible for our health and when things with out health are not going as we would like them to we will often forget that we are responsible for having gotten to where we are now at.  In fact, this is true of nearly every area of life.  If the things my patients were doing when they first came in to see me were working so well, then they probably would not have needed to come in to see me in the first place.  I have recently had a number of patients who were in their early 30s or even younger who have heart disease already.  I do not mean that they are experiencing some mild heart stresses, I mean that they had full blown heart disease.  In fact, one patient was a 5 year old with heart disease.  If you are reading this and this sounds close to home for you then….well, keep reading.  I try to find a way to understand how it could come to be that people who seem to be rather functional in society are able to have developed heart disease at such an extremely young age.  The answer I have come up with is that our society breeds heart disease and other health dilemmas.  Heart disease is the number one cause of death in this country.  So, maybe I should not be so surprised that I would run into a few people who are young who are already experiencing the condition in my practice.  Interestingly, all of my young patients who have the heart disease seem to be in complete denial about it.  The Western Medical establishment not only failed them, but seems to have convinced them that there is really not anything to worry about because, if there were, they would have been notified.  But, if this were the case, then why would the #1 cause of death in the U.S. be errors due to medical negligence. (Car accidents is #2 and Heart Disease is #3.  Western medicine is not mentioned as a cause by the CDC because they never rated it to see where it would come in on the list.)  In other words, why would the #1 cause of death in the United States be the medical establishment itself?  The reason why is becoming clearer and clearer – even by people in mainstream medicine.  Most of us believe, whether we have an allopathic background or holistic background, that there is a pill for every ill.  Many of my colleagues with whom I share Continuing Education courses with are under the impression that we are all walking around with severe nutritional deficiencies and that if we could only get the proper nutrition that we need, then our bodies would begin to work properly.  Well, this is an interesting way of thinking…..but it is not really holistic.  In other words, it doesn’t include a person’s physical body, chemistry, emotional being, spiritual intricacy and dynamic electromagnetic system.  It is not a representation of the Triad Of Health.  It is true that when you rid a person of all of their nutritional deficiencies that they become much healthier.  However, giving a person a bunch of nutrients and herbs and other chemical interventions rarely will make such a huge impact on their biochemistry.  The key in health care is to find the CAUSE of a person’s nutritional deficiencies, emotional upsets, and other imbalances.  Then, you address the CAUSE of these challenges rather than treat the symptoms.  More than 1500 years ago Hippocrates said, “The Highest Good is to Find the Cause.”  He is also famous for the Hippocratic oath: “First, Do No Harm.”  Today we have more needless surgery than my wildest imagination can even conceive.  Is this “Doing No Harm.?”  “The Highest Good Is To Find The Cause” should be rephrased to say: “The Highest Good Is To Find the Structural, Chemical and Emotional Causes of the Health Concern and then Treat Those Structural Chemical and Emotional Causes with Conservative Therapies First, and more Drastic Therapies such as Surgery should the Conservative Therapies Fail.”  If your car was not working properly, would you call the mechanic and tell them that the car doesn’t work and that you expect for them to repair the car for $300 by replacing the radiator?  Wouldn’t you expect the mechanic to tell you to bring in the car so that he could have a look at it and perform some diagnostic tests?  Wouldn’t this make more sense?  Why is it that in health care all of a sudden everyone is deficient in Vitamin D and they all need to take Vitamin D?  Wouldn’t a person need to be examined and have a lab done to determine what might be the cause of the Vitamin D deficiency.  If a person has a headache and takes aspirin and the headache goes away does that mean that they have discovered what is causing their headaches?  Probably not.


Most of the health care providers who believe and practice their belief of prescribing a pill for every ill do not have the training or access to the same therapies that we do at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center.  If all that I had available to me to help my patients with their health were nutrients then I would likely prescribe my patients tons of nutrients.  However, since I have 100s and thousands of therapies at my disposal, that is not what I do.  First I treat my patients to the best of my ability using structural, energy medicine, chemical and emotional therapies.  Next, I determine at the END of my treatment if there are still chemical imbalances that need to be addressed.  If there are still chemical imbalances remaining, then I prescribe the needed nutrients, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, or referral to the M.D. for the proper medication.

There are several areas in which my patients seem to get into the most trouble again and again and again, year after year.  Here are the top 9 areas where patients seem to get into the most amount of trouble:

  1. Wheat consumption
  2. Dairy consumption
  3. Corn consumption
  4. Soy consumption
  5. Sugar consumption
  6. Unhealthy bra
  7. Wrong eye glasses prescription
  8. Unsafe personal care products such as body lotion, deodorant and shampoo
  9. Using conflicting therapies that cause a toxic reaction just like mixing the wrong chemicals can cause a toxic reaction.

Commonly, we will review these top 9 areas at the Triad Of Health 2 Hour Introduction and how you might be able to avoid getting into trouble like many of my patients have over the years.  We look forward to seeing you at an up and coming Triad Of Health 2 Hour and 15 Minute Introduction.

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