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Blood Sugar, blood sugar, blood sugar. Such a fun thing to talk about, and so sweet. Very tastey.

Sugar! You can hear and read almost anything about sugar, from how it is good food to how it causes major health problems in everyone who eats it. Somewhere in between is where the proper perspective will be found.

The answer is determined by how well the hormones of the body regulate blood sugar levels. Disturbed regulation can be due to some of the organs or glands that produce and control hormone levels not functioning properly. These can be determined by laboratory tests, Applied Kinesiology methods, Total Body Modification Methods, through the use of the Triad Of Health Chiropractic Kinesiology System of Diagnosis and Treatment, Neuro Emotional Technique, Traditional Chinese medicine tongue and pulse point diagnosis, Homeopathic Constitutional Diagnosis, gait and postural analysis and a variety of other methods of diagnosing and treating.

There is no end to the benefits of having balanced blood sugar. So, what are some of these amazing benefits of balanced blood sugar?

1. Healthy immune system function.

2. Increased energy and improved performance in sports. This performance is equal to 250% more sustained energy. The reason for this is that when your body burns fat and protein for energy instead of sugar you end up with two and a half times more energy. This is biochemical fact. It is not a theory.

3. Decreased pain and inflammation.

4.  Less of a likelihood to develop cancer or other diseases.

5. Healthier joints and bones. And, what is most exciting about this factoid is that the bones and joints stay healthier for a very long, long period of time (throughout one’s life.) Sugar, high cortisol levels, prevent the conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone). Without proper thyroid hormone levels you have EVERY SINGLE CELL in the body dysfunctioning. Essentially, you are aging faster than you should and your body is far from functioning optimally. Bone health is reflected by Thyroid and Adrenal health. The Thyroid and adrenal glands are blood sugar / stress glands. One of the reasons why our patients do so well with their health so quickly is that we are able to get their blood sugar balanced quickly by addressing the underlying causes of their blood sugar imbalances. When you go on this website to “Patient Reviews” on the upper right and then start to either read through “Patient Testimonials” or “Video Testimonials” you will be learning about the stories of patients that have experienced amazing improvements with their health because they were able to balance their blood sugar.

6. Stable and grounded mood without panic, depression, anxiety, poor concentration or any of the other blood sugar imbalance symptoms. ADD, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as other mood disorders such as manic/depressive disorder and a variety of other mood alterations are ALL do to blood sugar imbalances. Having stable blood sugar is HUGE.

600px-Thyroid_system.svg7. Healthier glands and organs.  The images shown here should help you to gain a better understanding of the crucial role that the Thyroid Gland plays in human health.  In the first image with the broken arrows you can see the negative feedback loop involved with Thyroid Hormone production.  Thyroid Releasing Hormone comes from the Hypothalamus and goes directly to the pituitary gland telling the pituitary to make Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone sends a message to the thyroid gland to make MORE of its main hormones T4 and T3.  When too much of T4 and/or T3 are released into the system the message is then sent back up to the hypothalamus and pituitary to make less thyroid hormone (T4 and T3).  The catecholamines that are being alluded to are actually adrenal gland hormones / substances.  There are a few of these hormones (neurotransmitters) that could be thought of as both adrenal and thyroid related chemicals.  The main neurotransmitter that leads to the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine is called Tyrosine.  Tyrosine is the raw fuel needed to make BOTH adrenalin and noradranalin (nor-epinephrine and epinephrine) and also T4 and T3.  These amino acids / neurotransmitters / catecholamines are crucial for proper thyroid and adrenal gland health but they are also for proper blood sugar regulation.  The part of the adrenal gland that is being discussed here is called the adrenal medulla.

Here we have an image of the Adrenal Medulla here.  This shows you how hugely important the Adrenal glands are as the medulla is part of the Sympathetic Nervous system.  The Sympathetic nervous system if the fight or flight part of the Autonomic Nervous System.  The Central Nervous System is the brain and spinal cord which is intimately related to adrenal medulla health and function.  The medulla is the inner part of the adrenal gland.


This is the type of subject that a person could write 3 or 15 books about.  That is not the purpose of this or any other blog post by anyone ever.  That is something that could definitely imbalance a person’s blood sugar (it would be better to write actual books rather than to just post a bunch of information.)

From a classical clinical nutrition education point of view there are only really about 5 glands / organs that are most closely related to blood sugar.  Here are the main glands / organs.

  1. Pituitary
  2. Thyroid
  3. Adrenal Glands
  4. Testes or Ovaries
  5. Pancreas

So,  I think these are important glands and organs to have working properly.  Next time you order that orange juice at the restaurant or coke or have your third or fourth margarita, remember these 5 glands and organs.  None of them will be happy with your behavior if you over do it.

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  What happens with SAD is that the victim is not able to get enough sunlight and so they end up with their entire endocrine (hormonal) system dysfunctioning.  Sunlight stimulates the Pineal gland in the brain to make Melatonin which allows a person to sleep well at night.  Proper healthy sleep is very important for nearly all systems of the body to function properly.  The pineal glad is like the metronome of the body and keeps track of sleep / wake cycles.  Proper sunlight exposure is also necessary to make Vitamin D which is actually a hormone.  However, most people have toxic livers and kidneys as we are living in a very toxic world.  The conversion of inactive Vitamin D to Active Vitamin D mainly takes place in the liver and kidneys.  Because we are living in a toxic world, most people have toxic livers and kidneys and are not able to convert their vitamin D to active vitamin D even if their skin is properly exposed to sunlight.  This DOES NOT MEAN that the person should take a vitamin D supplement necessarily.  This will not address the cause of their vitamin D deficiency (or improper Vitamin D hormone production).  Instead, it makes more sense to do what Hypocrites said 2500 years ago.  “The Highest Good is to Find the Cause.”  The toxic liver and kidneys need to be treated with effective holistic therapies and then the person needs to have proper sun exposure in order to produce their own vitamin D without taking pills.

SAD tends to be more common in women than in men because women need to detoxify the lining of their uterus and an egg each month whereas men do not need to do this.  Therefore, women have an extra toxic burden each month.  Plus, women tend to do more things that get them into trouble like using perfumes and body lotions and essential oils — all of which tend to be quite toxic.

These infographics come from  Credit for the graphic is being given back to  To learn more about and to read some of their articles on depression you can use this link.  

Some of the causes of SAD and what you can do about it.









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