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Erectile Dysfunction Anybody? San Rafael Functional Medicine Has a Cure without Cannabis

Viagra, Levitra and Prozac and Viagra are not medication deficiencies.  A great deal of discussion is made in this 10 minute video about why they are not able to help men with this condition, but instead, just prescribe medications. There is also some discussion made regarding vaccinations and their affect on the human body.  These …

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How to Get Rid of Your Back Pain Without Surgery

Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine said, “the highest good is to find the cause.”  What he meant by this is that if you do not find out what is causing the symptom then you will not be able to get rid of the symptom with any lasting result.  Of course, back pain is a symptom.


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A federal judge has ruled that genetically-modified sugar beets created by notorious Frankenfood-producer Monsanto were planted illegally, without proper environmental review. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White said the plantings must now be destroyed, in what could be the first forced destruction of a GMO crop in the United States — and could open the door for future rulings to keep Americans safe from potentially dangerous GMOs.
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Patient Services – Diagnosis & Treatment – Functional Medicine – What to Expect

Most of us want quantity and quality in our life. We want to live as long as possible and we also want our quality of life to be maintained throughout the years. There are numerous options available when making decisions about how to get the most out of life. From surgeons and prescription drugs to spiritual healers and water fasts, the array of choices for the healthcare consumer can be overwhelming.

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