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It would seem that Dr. Oz is Telling Us Something Important Here

When I talk to people about the Novel Coronavirus, SARS COV-2, not everyone listens very carefully.  However, when Dr. Oz drops wisdom about this matter, people really start to pay attention.  This interview was done on Fox News.  This clip is literally less than 30 seconds.  I hope you find that this 30 seconds is …

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7 Pitfalls You Must Avoid To Heal Your Thyroid

Triad Of Health Family Healing Center now holds regular thyroid workshops that are completely FREE. This means that people in the local and surrounding communities are able to come and learn about the options to the conventional model for thyroid disease. The conventional model offers patients only 3 ugly and frightening options:

Patient Services – Diagnosis & Treatment – Functional Medicine – What to Expect

Most of us want quantity and quality in our life. We want to live as long as possible and we also want our quality of life to be maintained throughout the years. There are numerous options available when making decisions about how to get the most out of life. From surgeons and prescription drugs to spiritual healers and water fasts, the array of choices for the healthcare consumer can be overwhelming.

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