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Discover The Frightening Truth about Cleansing

Like most of you who are reading this blog post, I was taught in my 20s from a variety of people whom I had met that it was a good idea to do cleanses regularly because that could improve your health and help your body to detoxify properly. There is some truth to this. However, this is only really a half truth. Just like the difference between a broken down and beat up Geo Metro and a high end BMW as used for transportation; there are also huge differences between different ways that a person can approach healing and detoxification.

Hormone Expert

Unfortunately, now-a-days just about anyone can get up on a soap box and preach about how they are a great hormone expert without even having had any real training or experience. The way to really know if someone can BEGIN to practice what they preach is to find out if they have had an adequate amount of training to actually help with balancing hormones.

Point Of Use Water Treatment

Water is sacred. Literally. Water has been used in nearly all traditions and religions since the beginning of time for cleansing and purifying. One of the things that made ancient Rome and Greece so powerful was that they had developed a way to access running water throughout their ancient cities. They had a constant supply of water from which they were able to draw upon. In Rome, the water is still available to drink by the public just as it was several hundred years ago. It is truly amazing.


Bacteria is anywhere and everywhere. The only place that does not contain a lot of bacteria are those areas that have been sterilized in laboratory environments and research facilities and occasional hospital environments. So, what do we do about it? Good question. The answer is that we try our best to avoid contact with large amounts of bacteria that may make us sick. The sources that are most likely to make us sick would likely enter through our mouths, through breathing, anus, sexual activity, or through wounds or open cuts.

Cholesterol Lies and Truths

Cholesterol is needed to make:
Vitamin D
Bile Acids
Cell membranes

Low cholesterol levels are related to a significantly increased risk of death from a variety of conditions and situations unrelated to heart disease, including, but not limited to, cancer, suicide, and accidents. You need cholesterol to make brain cells so with a cholesterol level that is too low we see brain hemmorhages, depression, suicide, etc.

The Vitamin D Truth

Vitamin D is not a vitamin, it is actually a hormone that is made in the epidermal layer (the skin) when the skin is exposed to sunlight. With this in mind, many people who live in the Pacific Northwest or areas with very little sunlight do need Vitamin D supplementation or they need to go to a tanning salon in order to maintain good health.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

One of the biggest health problems that our modern society faces is heavy metal toxicity. Many people that I talk to have absolutely no idea what heavy metal toxicity is and how it affects us; but they should. There are 16 different heavy metals that are most commonly found in the environment. These heavy metals are called aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, gold, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, silver, titanium, and zinc.


Garlic has been used for thousands of years to aid in immune system health. According to Dr. John Courtney, using the whole clove is essential for getting all of the active factors, some of which include allicin, methyl allytrisulfide and sulfur. The high sulfur component of garlic makes it very helpful in liver detoxification as it opens up the sulfation biochemical pathways. Sulfur is an important element in the formation of cortisol which decreases pain and inflammation.

Healing Crisis

Effective holistic health therapies are completely different than the Western Medical model of health care. The Western Medical model of health care (allopathic medicine) does little more than treat symptoms, allow for emergency medical procedures, provide a variety of different surgeries, and to treat chronic diseases with procedures that do not honor the innate wisdom of the body.

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