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“King Corn” is the name of a documentary that was done on corn which can now be found for free on the Internet.  This link will likely take you right to the video.  I highly, highly, highly recommend this video.  

The video begins with discussing how the two young makers of the film have most of the carbon in their bodies made from corn. This is discovered through hair analysis.  Beef is corn fed, chicken is corn fed, lamb is often corn fed.  We eat a lot of foods made from corn starch, corn syrup, hydrolyzed corn protein and other corn products.

creamed corn casserole[1]

Corn is one of America’s favorite crops.  It is in nearly everything.  When you plant corn in the United States, you need to pay the U.S. government a certain amount of money.  For some reason, if you do not make payments to the government, you do not make as much money.  The US government actually pays people to grow corn.  The more corn that you grow, the more that the US government pays you to grow the corn.

The majority of corn is genetically modified so that it can withstand the effects of Liberty Weed Killer which is a toxic pesticide that kills the nearby weeds.  The corn is genetically altered so that this Weed Killer kills the weeds but not the corn.

The majority of corn which is grown in Iowa cannot be eaten.  It is a crop used to feed animals and is also used for processing to make the corn meal, high fructose corn syrup, etc.  It tastes disgusting.  The farmers who grow corn cannot even eat the corn that they grow.

10,000 pounds of corn can be grown from a single acre.  5,500 lbs of this are turned into corn meal to be fed to animals as feed.  A great deal of the corn is processed into High Fructose Corn syrup (HFCS) to be put into soft drinks like Coca Cola and Hansen’s “All-Natural” Mandarin Orange Drinks (and lemon and lime flavor and grape flavor, etc…)  Corn Fed beef kills the animals that it is given to because it is so toxic.  It causes the cattle to swell up in a disease state and then they kill the animal shortly after this.  The more the animal swells up the more money that is made because they are paid per pound of cattle that is sold.  The cattle is only fed for 130 to 140 days before they are sent off to slaughter.  Of course, the more corn grown and cattle slaughtered, the more money is made.  Cattle farms will grow corn on as many as 7000 acres of land to help with profitability.


Cattle are now spending far more of their lives than they ever have in feed lots where they are confined and cannot move.  Because they cannot move and they are confined to a small space and they are eating corn, they end up becoming diseased.


In order to make High Fructose Corn Syrup you need the following ingredients:

Sulfuric Acid

Water (heated to 140 degrees)




Glucose Isomerase

Before 1970 nobody ate anything with HFCS in it because it was too expensive to make. But, things changed quickly in the early 70s. It (HFCS) has all sorts of benefits. And, It stimulates the same centers of the brain that are stimulated by sex, intense exercise, cocaine, ritalin, wheat, dairy and LSD and a variety of addictive chemicals. It causes damage to the brain. It is extremely dangerous.


Corn is one of the most common allergens. The corn that is used today is a very, very poor quality food if you would even call it that. In fact, it is not a food at all. It has no nutritional value; it only has adverse effects on your metabolic system and adds calories to your diet. 90% of the crappy, cheap corn is used to sweeten beverages. Iowa produces enough HFCS to supply the entire United States. The negative effects of HFCS have been compared to Mercury, Vaccinations, sugar, cocaine, LSD, arsenic, lead, and also a variety of recreational drugs. It (HFCS) is a substance that is directly linked to diabetes, obesity, adverse metabolic effects, dysinsulinism, insulin resistance, etc… 1/8 of all people in New York have diabetes. Diabetes and obesity are on the rise and are strongly linked to the diet of the victim with these diseases as well as how much they exercise. Drinking one soda per day will nearly double the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
Diabetes is a nasty disease.


People are often not thinking of what they are putting into their systems. They just don’t think about it. They are manipulated by the powerful advertising behind large corporations and their powerful marketing. McDonalds meals are made almost completely from corn. The french fries are made from corn, the beef is grown from corn, the oil the fries are cooked in is often corn oil. Fast food is often times linked directly to corn.
Farmers are saying “We are not growing quality, we are growing crap. We are not growing it to eat it, we are growing it to sell it.”
The money that some of the smaller growers make is dependent upon subsidies from the government. Without subsidies from the government, a number of farmers would lose money from overproducing cheap corn.


Unhealthy and cheap food is being subsidized. People are eating cheaper food that is lower quality and they are getting sicker and sicker and sicker. This is well known now, but was not very well known prior to the 1970s when it began to happen. (I am referring mainly to corn).
There have been some subsidized programs in the past where farmers were paid not to produce certain crops.
In the time of our great grandparents, people spent a far greater percentage of their money on food. And, the food was much higher quality. America has completely changed since those days as has farming. Farming used to be a family operation and now it is a commercial operation.

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