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You are able to lose weight, keep it off and never have to worry about gaining it back.  Every time you look in the mirror, naked or clothed, you look at yourself proudly.  You have a healthy approach to weight loss that is custom tailored to your specific body type and current health condition.  You have greater health and vitality than you do currently.  The emotional, physiological and nutritional causes of your stubborn stomach fat are easily addressed in a way that is simple to integrate into your daily life.

The only way to permanently get rid of stubborn belly fat is to structurally, chemically and emotionally treat its underlying cause. Building upon the work of Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology, this program provides a way for you to get rid of the causes of stubborn belly fat quickly and easily and without confusion. In my practice numerous people have achieved out­standing, lasting weight loss results without the use of drugs or surgery or limiting their amount of food intake.

Now you can say goodbye to fly-by-night diets for the rest of your life.

In just 2 and ½ hours, you will finally discover the underlying causes of your inability to lose weight while also learning of the oldest, scientifically  proven dietary program available on the planet to help you attain your ideal weight and keep it there.  Professional Chiropractic Applied Kinesiologist and Master Diagnostician, Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff will present this workshop.

You will discover a scientifically proven weight loss system that has been successfully used all over the world for more than 40 years that does not limit your intake of any of the approved foods!  None of Dr. Ilya’s patients who were overweight have ever failed to lose less than 10 pounds during their first month while following this program.  Hundreds of dollars worth of discounts on the “The Wholesome and Permanent Weight Loss Program” will be offered to each attendee.

The value of this approach involves one—on—one testing for oral pH, Iodine and zinc levels as well as 6 different blood pressure reading.  The cause of obesity is addressed – not the symptoms of being overweight.


THE CAUSE – it is specific

There is a revolutionary new approach in health care that utilizes the foundational principals of modern medicine. A more holistic approach to chronic disease is simple: to treat the person who has the disease instead of treating the disease. Treating the person is quite different from treating the disease. Treating the person means working to shift your “inner pharmacy” to produce a different set of chemicals, which then produce a different

set of effects.  These chemicals, produced by your own “inner pharmacy,” lead to normal function, as the body controls and maintains its own healthy blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, digestion, weight, immune function, blood sugar, inflammation, and moods.

As you may know, diets do not work.  It has been found that more than 60% of people who try a particular diet actually gain back more weight after the diet is over than they lost with the diet.  That doesn’t sound like much fun.  Most weight loss programs (if not all weight loss programs) fail because the do not address the structural, chemical and emotional causes of the specific person’s weight gain.  Every health concern that exists has a structural (physical), chemical (nutritional) and emotional (mental / psychological) cause.  Unless all three causes are properly diagnosed and treated, the health concern will never permanently be resolved.  Weight loss is no different.  Being overweight has an emotional, chemical and physical cause and so all three causes must be addressed with effective and affordable therapies.  There is no cookie cutter system that will work for everyone.  A diagnosis is specific and the treatment should be as well.  What is causing one person to be overweight is totally different than what is causing someone else to be overweight.  For example, one person might be overweight because their liver is not metabolizing fats properly because they are toxic while another person is overweight because their stomach does not work and so they are not able to digest protein in order to stabilize their blood sugar.  When the blood sugar is imbalanced, then a person is constantly burning sugar instead of fat and they eventually become overweight.  Now, if we treat the stomach of the person with the liver problem and the liver of the person with the stomach problem, then what will happen?  The answer is that we will not get very good results and both people will continue to be overweight even if each person has some mild and temporary improvement.  However, if we treat the stomach of the person with the stomach problem and the liver of the person with the liver problem, then what will happen?  The answer is that now we will see miracles happen quickly.  The person with a dysfunctional stomach will immediately begin to have their stomach begin to work properly again and the person with a dysfunctional liver will immediately begin to have their liver work properly again.   The result will be that both people will also begin to lose weight and feel better quickly – and yet the focus of the treatment for each person was totally individualized and unique.

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