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Like most of you who are reading this blog post, I was taught in my 20s from a variety of people whom I had met that it was a good idea to do cleanses regularly because that could improve your health and help your body to detoxify properly.  There is some truth to this.  However, this is only really a half truth.  Just like the difference between a broken down and beat up Geo Metro and a high end BMW as used for transportation; there are also huge differences between different ways that a person can approach healing and detoxification.

Without a medical degree or having studied anatomy, physiology and immunity and cell function and biochemistry, it may not be clear to many people that the body is CONSTANTLY and ALWAYS detoxifying.  The human body is a detoxification machine.  Every cell in the body detoxify and some systems detoxify more than others.  For example, the majority of toxins are eliminated through the air we breath out, our urine and our fecal material.  This is a summary.  We also sweat out a large number of toxins and many of the toxic chemicals that our body no longer needs will be deposited into our hair.

For many thousands of years there have been a variety of cultures that have found different substances that can help them to detoxify.  For example, some people have used high concentrations of salt to detoxify (not recommended).  Other cultures have used enemas, colonics or coffee enemas, etc…  Other approaches have been to use herbs like milk thistle or globe artichoke to help liberate unneeded chemicals found in cells.  Our office usually carries milk thistle to help the occasional patient who deals with a particularly high toxic burden.  There are books that discuss a variety of cleanses such as one for the gall bladder where you drink a certain amount of milk of magnesia mixed with water and then follow it by olive oil and lemon juice and then  have more milk of magnesia mixed with water and then followed by olive oil and lemon juice again.  According to this particular gall bladder cleanse the person would then go to sleep, making sure to lie down on their left side.  After a number of hours they have diarrhea with little green pellets in it that look like peas.  They are sometimes told that the little green pellets are gallstones but they are not.  The little green pellets are actually emulsified fat with some bile in it.  There is another cleanse that is specific to the kidneys.  The person doing the cleanse  drinks a 6 pack of Coca Cola and then follows this with 6 ounces of pureed, steamed asparagus.  This is supposed to help to eliminate kidney stones.  Rather than writing a 300 page book about cleanses, let’s just suffice it to say that there are many, many, many, many, many, many different types of cleanses.  Ok, one more cleanse type we can mention.  The health food stores and Internet and supermarkets are filled with “green drinks” and “protein drinks” and all sorts of other “cleansing” products that are purported to help us to detoxify.  These things do help in some way.  HOWEVER, the body is SPECIFIC.  What cleansing product might be great for one person is not necessarily going to help (and may even be harmful) another person.  You would not put a muffler for a Geo Metro on a Mercedes, would you?  Then why are you going to your local health food store and asking the 25 year old clerk who just graduated from high school a few years ago what might help you with the intricate needs of your body.  NO CLEANSE CAN EVER OR WILL EVER DO WHAT EATING A HEALTHY DIET WILL DO OR DRINKING GOOD, CLEAN HYDRATING WATER CAN DO.  The average Joe or JoAnne does not understand that the best diet for cleansing that should superseed most any cleanse would be drinking enough water and eating enough protein as well as having healthy green leafy vegetables every day.  Fruit is over-rated and may not necessarily be supportive of good health in our modern society despite what you may have been told or whatever “research” you might have heard of.


The main organ in the body responsible for detoxification is the liver.  Both phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification from the liver require a good source of protein.  Animal protein is the best source of protein because it has all of the needed carbohydrate bonds to minerals and also fairly large amounts of fats.  Nothing can help with the rebuilding of tissue or supplying the body with needed fats and minerals like animal protein can.  The carbon and nitrogen and amines and all of the other chemical components found in protein are excellent for making new cells and performing the majority of chemical processes in the body.  The co-factors found in green leafy vegetables are very good for completing certain other metabolic processes, but these processes will not work properly without a good protein source.  All of the B6, folic acid, B12, and phytochemicals found in green leafy vegetables will do hardly any good without a protein source that allows for biochemical demands to be met.  The majority of hormones are made of fat and protein so insufficient amounts of protein leads to big, big difficulties.  This is why protein comes from the root word “proteus” which means of utmost importance.




At this point I hope you are asking yourself, “So, what is it that they do over there at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center that is so different?  I thought you would never ask.  At Triad Of Health Family Healing Center we pride ourselves at establishing NEW and SUPERIOR communication within the patient’s body so that their body is able to detoxify on its own with minimal outside influence from herbs or nutritional supplements or procedures such as colonics or infra red sauna.  WE REMOVE THE ABSOLUTE CAUSE to detoxification so that the body can heal on its own with minimal intervention.  How do we do this?  We have already discussed this again and again and again and again on many of these blog posts and in our newsletters.  You should consider these 30 basic steps outlined here when approaching any type of a cleanse.  These are just A FEW of the things that should be considered with any cleanse.  It is not uncommon for some people to end up in the hospital when they are not being monitored properly by a health care provider when doing a cleanse.  Believe it or not, I had a patient die because they were not drinking enough water during their cleanse.  Although I had warned them repeatedly over and over and over and over and over again they still refused to drink anywhere near the required amount of water necessary for their body and they died.  Please read through these 30 most common things to interfere with the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

  1. Bra – if the person is a female are they wearing a bra that is supportive of their health?
  2. Emotions interfering with detox.
  3. Thoughts interfering with detox.
  4. Feelings interfering with detox.
  5. Beliefs interfering with detox.
  6. Heavy Metals interfering with detox.
  7. Prescription Eye Glasses or contact lenses that are interfering with the person’s vision and ability to concentrate that then interfere with their ability to detoxify.
  8. Shoes that are interfering with gait (walking) that then interfere with detox.
  9. Trauma interfering with detox.
  10. Flu Shots or Vaccination interfering with detox.
  11. Subluxations interfering with the bodies ability to detoxify.  Subluxations are bones that are out of alignment that then interfere with nerve function.
  12. Infections interfering with the body’s ability to detoxify.
  13. Toxicity from Food Additives or Petro Chemicals or Chem Trails or other sources that are causing toxicity.
  14. Toxicity from dental amalgam fillings or other dental procedures that prevent proper detoxification.
  15. Poor digestion interfering with their ability to detoxify.  This could be related to the Ileocecal Valve, Valves of Houston or some other part of the digestive tract.
  16. Imbalanced blood sugar interfering with detox.
  17. Poor protein utilization or metabolism interfering with detox.
  18. Not enough sleep interfering with detox.
  19. Incorrect exercise interfering with detox.
  20. Poor dietary choices or not enough protein interfering with ability to detox.
  21. Not enough water or the wrong type of water or not drinking water often enough leading to difficulties detoxifying.
  22. Improper muscular function and balance leading to improper detoxification.
  23. There is something called Cardiac Low Back that comes from a Technique called Total Body Modification.  This is when the 2nd Thoracic vertebrae is misaligned due to a subclinical heart condition.  This can lead to difficulties with detoxifying.
  24. There is another finding from Total Body Modification called “rib torque.”  This happens when the ribs torque due to a number of reasons.  The most common thing to cause the ribs to torque is the wrong type of bra.  This “rib torque” causes difficulties with detoxifying.
  25. Poor or toxic air interfering with detox.
  26. Wrong type of water (as already mentioned) interfering with detox.
  27. Some type of tea or other drink interfering with detox.
  28. Some type of food or allergen interfering with detox.
  29. Some type of powder or lotion or other substance topically applied that interferes with detoxification.  The most common things would be hair care, skin care, sun care, body care, body fat reduction product (or cellulite), essential oils.
  30. Condiment or sweetener or spice or something that is put on the food that interferes with detox.

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