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This is health related because the “Tao” is one of the oldest systems of living and healing known.
“Having enough to eat: that is joy. Knowing when one is full: that is widom.”

”If you don’t want people to rebel, then stuff their bellies full of food. If you want no wars, then make sure there is enough to eat. When a country is on the brink of ruin, it is because the leaders have taken too much in taxes, conscription, and labor.

In a simple life, people eat plain food. They have enough. No one needs to lecture them about balance: nature teaches them. They grow their own food, they eat what comes into season, and they consume in proportion to their own labor. They learn to save some, they learn to share, and they learn that for everyone to have enough creates contentment.
Eat what is proper. Eat what is right. Although there are elaborate schools of cooking, avoid excess. Although there are fanatic beliefs about diet, fasting, and ritual, avoid obsession. Eat what is natural. Eat enough, but don’t eat too much. The simple application of that dictum is difficult enough.”

—-Deng Ming-Dao “Everyday Tao”

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