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Most people are injuring themselves every time that they exercise. This may sound shocking, and yet it is true. This is what sports medicine and medical physiology confirms. Patients often ask me about exercise. Because exercise is so important, I go over specific exercise recommendations for 95% of my patients on every single visit. While the correct type of exercise can greatly benefit one’s health and strengthen the heart, the wrong type of exercise can harm a person and injure their heart. It is ironic that in health care, there is more misinformation than any other area of science. In highschools, colleges and gyms all over the country, you can see people damaging their health and injuring their hearts on a daily basis.


Most commonly, it is the body builder who lifts excessive amounts of weight that damages their heart and causes severe metabolic imbalances from performing the wrong type of exercise. A great way to prevent yourself from injuring yourself or stressing your heart is to do heart healthy exercise that supports your body and fat burning rather than exercise which stresses your body and causes you to literally break down muscle and build up fat. Dr. Phillip Maffetone has trained more Olympic athletes than any other trainer in history and he has had tremendous results. I have included two video clips here for you that summarize many of Dr. Maffetone’s key points.







In this video below I discuss the importance of exercise for improving immune system health.  I also discuss how this improved immunity can reduce or even eliminate candida.  The video also discusses heart rate monitors and how to use them in order to exercise to burn fat instead of exercising to get fatter like many people do.  This is a powerful video and I think you will like it.  Exercise frequency is elaborated upon — some mention is made as to how much different types of people should exercise depending on how regularly they have been exercising.



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