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The information that you find in this post comes from Everyday Tao by Deng Ming-Dao.


A flower is called Hua in Pinion (from Chinese).  The pistils and stamen are in the center, the petals are on the sides, and the base and stem are below.  Flowers are a token of life.
sun-brews-1569067__340For all the important moments in our lives, we can barely do without flowers.  When we worship at a shrine, we offer flowers.  When we marry, when we die, when we are honored, when we honor others, when we console each other, we have flowers with us.  When someone is ill in the hospital, we bring flowers.  Isn’t it because we have some sense that flowers can bring cheer and encourage life?


Flowers are beautiful.  They are fragrant.  They are the first burst of laughter on the plum tree at winter’s end.  They are the pure and seductive magnificence of the peony, opening in layer after layer of exquisiteness.  They are the vevlety loveliness of the rose, which protects itself with sharp thorns.  They are the upright character of the chrysanthemum, which blooms even as winter approaches.

A flower.  The dandy twirls one in his hand, the ascetic enters into stillness while gazing at the center of one, the gardener cultivates it with love and care, the painter will lavish years in painting it, the poet will strain to describe it.  Flower.  So delicate.  So easy to crush.  So short a life.

Flowers are ephemeral.  they represent life’s cycles.  by having them as part of our worship, we offer a part of life itself.

****flower-1557979__340Triad Of Health Family Healing Center now offers our patients over 85 different flower essences as part of our healing approach.  There is no extra charge for the use of our flower essences as part of in office treatment.

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