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1.  What is Functional Medicine?

Answer:  Functional Medicine is the type of medicine that we practice at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center.

2.  How can I learn more about Functional Medicine?

Answer:  You can learn more by reading through any of these blog posts on this website or at or at or by listening to our radio shows which can be found under “About Dr. Ilya.”  Another great idea would be to sign up for the next Triad Of Health 2 Hour and 15 Minute Introduction where we demonstrate Functional Medicine……  we especially demonstrate structural, chemical and emotional therapies, all of which are Functional Medicine therapies.

3.  How can I receive and experience Functional Medicine health care therapies?

Answer:  It would be recommended to schedule a time for a New Patient Health History and Physical Examination.  This is what many people in the medical field call a “Physical Examination.”  During the exam, Dr. Skolnikoff will begin to learn more about the underlying causes of your symptoms.  Dr. Skolnikoff is a professional puzzle solver and his patients are the puzzles that he solves.  He is able to put the pieces of the puzzle together for his patients.  Often times people have gone to 8, 12, 15 or even 20 or more health care providers before they happen upon Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff.  Dr. Skolnikoff looks at the body in a very unique way.  During the exam he will likely spend 45 minutes or more with you to determine how your puzzle can be reassembled.  He is likely to ask you questions about what happened throughout the course of your entire life that led you to become the person that you are today.  He wants to know what makes you, you.  Dr. Skolnikoff will often ask questions such as when was the last time you had your eye glasses prescription filled, whether or not yo have tattoos or body piercings, the last time that you took a vacation, etc….  Some people find it surprising that the Doctor will ask what type of skin care they use or what type of shampoo or how many silver fillings they have or whether or not they smoked pot when they were in college or for how long they used birth control in their life. These are all crucial factors of the initial examination.  If you have not ever had your puzzle pieces put together, you are likely to have a deep appreciation for the type of exam done in a Functional Medicine Doctor’s office.




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