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Drop Falling into WaterI was trying to determine what to write this blog post about and I could not think of anything. I went through some of Dr. Mercola’s recent postings that talked all about the horrors of bottled water and none of those things appealed to me much. Then I went to look at some of my Naturopath friend’s postings and they did not appeal much to me either. I really thought hard about what it is that my patients are suffering from and then I came to a quick conclusion. The priorities of my patients, and most Americans are all eschew. Not only is there deep confusion about basic necessities of life and health, but there is hoards and hoards of misinformation in the public about nearly everything ranging from hormone replacement therapy to water, to personal care products that include make up and essential oils and even how to beat cancer if you are so unlucky to get it.

580718_488646027837199_1904655139_n1Yes, there is a lot of confusion in our society. Take the bottled water situation for example. This is not a very complicated subject, but, people have been overcomplicating it for so long that now there is all of this confusion around what is the best and healthiest water to drink. I admit, I – myself was deeply confused for more than 13 years regarding this subject. And, interestingly, I was actually marketing water treatment systems for 8 out of these 13 years. Yeah. So, it seems that what really happens is that people get so caught up in all of these emotions that they really cannot think straight. Napoleon Hill, the greatest success coach, trainer, and self help guru ever, once said that when a person has totally mastered their emotions and they are able to balance their emotions with their structured and analytical thinking and decision making that they would then master their lives and also attain wealth. He talks a great deal about this in his “Success Principals,” “Keys To Success” and also “Think and Grow Rich.” Again, people get all caught up in these emotions. Here are some of the emotions surrounding the water…..I will formulate the emotional reactions in the form of questions. These questions follow here.

  • What is the best water?
  • Isn’t bottled water bad for the environment? I heard that tap water is the best from my GP, is that true?
  • What is wrong with filtered water? I drink filtered water, o.k.?
  • Do you mean to say that it is better to drink water out of a plastic bottle than to filter water at the point of source?
  • My filter is rated one of the best and takes just about everything out of the water, why would I want to pay about 10 times more for bottled water?
  • If I drink bottled water, then I will need to recycle the bottles, I don’t want to recycle the bottles.
  • What are my options?

It would be great if people could just calm down and learn about the basic key principals to health and leading a healthy life. We will now discuss the current state of affairs regarding water in 2010.

spring-water-wallpaper-1280x800-03141-300x187In 2010, THERE IS NO PRISTINE QUALITY WATER ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET! This is just a scientific fact at this point in time. It is not arguable, it is not pleasant to consider the repercussions of what this means or how it came about, and yet, it is the truth. Here is what has happened. Prior to World War II there was a fair amount of pollution and problems with the environment, but things were going quite well. Then, during the 1950’s, things were going really well. America was truly home of the brave and land of the free. Many Americans owned their own home and had a few cars per family and most people were employed and things were going quite well. In the decades to follow, the chemicals used to preserve food for people in the military were introduced into the civilian population. This was never supposed to happen. This alone created all types of difficulty in the decades to come. During World War II, one of the most devastating atrocities to ever transpire among mankind took place: Robert Oppenheimer developed the atomic bomb. As you know, the atomic bomb was used a couple of times in Japan during World War II. My grandfather Haakon Chevalier wrote about the problems with the Atomic Bomb and with Oppenheimer in his book “Oppenheimer: The story of a Friendship” and other books. What you may not realize is that since the introduction of the atomic bomb during World War II, the bomb has been used for nuclear tests literally hundreds of times. Nearly all of these tests have been restricted to underground testing. Sounds safe enough, yes? Well, no, it is not safe at all. This damages the planets core and even the fault lines and weather patterns and many, many, many scientists believe that these nuclear tests have been partly responsible for the Tsunami that we have seen as well as the earthquake in Haiti and many other unusual weather and geographic changes. These “natural” disasters are not just a coincidence. Now, the amount of radiation on the planet has increased and it has also affected our water supply. So, there is not any available water that does not have increased radiation levels. Additionally, this radiation is part of our air and food supply.

When I was involved with water treatment for 8 years, I was always under the impression that the quality of the water that you drink was a direct result of the quality of the filtration system that you use. This is an interesting way of thinking, but it is untrue. In fact, it doesn’t even make any common sense. It is interesting that they call “common sense” common sense when it is one of the least common things found in our society. The quality of water for human consumption is based upon the quality of the water being consumed. This DOES make sense. In other words, if you start with good quality spring water from some great natural spring, you are probably going to end up with some decent water – especially if you go to the spring to drink it. This is how nature filters the water. In nature the water runs over rocks and sand and dirt and gravel and moss and all sorts of naturally found geological structures. In some parts of the world this water is touted for its amazing health benefits. There are actually about 3 or 4 areas on the planet where people’s life spans are much longer than other parts of the world and this is believed to have a great deal to do with the water. There is an area in the Fujian Province of China, there is a place in the high plains of Peru, there is a spot in Georgia Russia, and there is also a place where indigenous nomadic people travel through the north of Africa through Egypt and surrounding countries. In each of these areas people are known to live far longer lifespan than do people from most industrialized countries. It is not certain why these people live to such a ripe old age. However, it is hypothesized that it may have something to do with the high mineral content in their diets and the purity of the water that they drink. Also, in the north of Egypt they drink a great deal of goat blood and goat milk, both of which are very nutritious. They carry around these drinks in a gourd-like shell. This is actually fairly popular in a number of regions in Africa but is most commonplace in the north of Africa among the nomadic peoples.

70% of our bodies are made out of water. Needless to say, the type and quality of water that we drink does make a difference. I was very, very wrong many years ago when I was under the impression that the quality of the water is determined by the quality of the filter that filters it. It could be that this is a short sighted economical advantage. But in the long run, improved daily health allows for less expensive long term health expenses. In more than 40 cities in the United States they have found drugs in the water. They have also found drugs in the water supply throughout Europe and in a couple of areas of Canada. There are no filters that I am aware of that have EVER been tested for their effectiveness at removing drugs from water. They sometimes test filters for their effectiveness at removing heavy metals, trihalomethanes, benzene, TCE, tolune and other inorganic and organic substances, but NOT drugs or prescription medication. Filters ONLY filter the water. They do not change tap water to spring water or rain water. Carbon filters imitate the natural rocks and sand found in nature, but it is NOT the same thing. So, if you have lots of toxic material in your water, and you filter out 90% of all of these toxins, how much toxic material do you have left? The answer is that 10% of the toxic material remains in the water. So, would you rather have water with 10% toxic material in it (or even 5% or less) or would you rather have water with “no detectable levels” of any toxins? I don’t know about you, but I would rather have water that comes from a real spring with no detectable levels of anything in it that has been properly tested and certified. Every source of bottled water is different and every spring is different.

I thought that you might be interested in knowing more about why I recommend certain waters over others. The Crystal Geyser company has the same water as Roxane Mountain Spring water which is the same as Whole Foods 365 Every Day Value Spring Water. All of these waters come from the same sources of natural spring water that still contains minerals in it. They are filtered with a 0.1 micron ceramic media as well as ozone. Ozone is the 03 molecule and is also used to kill pathogens in the blood in Mexico. It is found in the atmosphere and is created when water has direct contact with bright sunlight. The extra oxygen molecule which some people call a free radical attaches on to negatively charged particles (commonly found in pathogens and toxins). These waters are bottled in Polyethelene Terephlate which is a plastic that has never been found to leach into water. Prior to bottling, these plastic containers are disinfected and sterilized. I would not recommend that you store your water on top of an oven, in direct sunlight or in a very warm place. Due to the laws of thermodynamics, this would be unwise. For more information about Alpine Spring Water (Crystal Geyser) you can call them at (800)5-ROXANE or check out their website at to learn more.

Myself and a number of my colleagues have been testing different types of waters with our patient populations for many, many years now. We have compared notes. As one might expect, again and again, we have come up with the same basic bottled water companies that are safe for our patients to drink. These recommended waters hydrate our patients and contribute to the health of our patients. There is no Calgen water in nature. I have never hiked up a mountain and then seen a humungous water treatment system at the top of the mountain in the middle of the sierras. It makes no sense to try to change the pH of your water unless you are deathly ill and dying and need to change your pH quickly to save your life. My water recommendations are not my opinion, they are the recommendations that support the health of my patients. People do not have to agree with or like my recommendations, but they get results and are proven by science. It is best to drink out of glass containers and not plastic and it is a good idea to recycle containers in order to help with the future survival of human kind on the planet.

Someone once said to me: “Anything worth having is worth working for.” I took this to heart as the person who said it, at the time, was one of the 50 wealthiest people in the United States. So, I work hard. Health takes work. It is worth it. People do not have excellent health by an accident. Many of the actors and actresses that we see on T.V. that seem so healthy spend most of their week just exercising. They should be healthy with all that exercise. And, many of them also have a good diet. What is more, is that the average actor who is getting lots of roles is more than 10 years younger than the average actor who was getting lots of roles in the 1950s through 1970s. The times are changing. It is much easier to be healthy and in great shape when you are 19 or 20 than it is to be healthy and in great shape when you are 60 or 65 years old.

They call the Standard American Diet the Standard American Diet for a reason. It is SAD; really SAD. 66% of Americans are now either obese or overweight. This is staggering. So, people who come in to see me are sometimes surprised that I encourage them to change what they are eating. Why should they be surprised? If I had 2 high performance automobiles and put jet fuel in one of them and urinated in the gas tank of another, don’t you think that the two cars would run slightly differently. Lots of people are urinating in their own gas tank (eating the wrong type of food) and then they are surprised when they do not feel good. Why should they be surprised? Fortunately, there is a better way. Myself and my colleagues around the country have found a way for people to get their health back quickly and relatively easily with some basic lifestyle changes that DO NOT involve any type of starvation diets or limitations on good quality food that we should be eating that can be found in most restaurants (with some rare exceptions). This “system” of health care is documented and scientifically proven to produce faster and more noteworthy health benefits than any other system of health care that I am aware of in the western world. This system, called Total Kinesiology, is based upon an advanced system of diagnosis and treatment that involves most systems of healing that have been used for many, many thousands of years in most parts of the world.


Health is about balance and health is about increased awareness and increased consciousness. Dr. David Hawkins, M.D. talks all about this aspect of health in his book “Power Versus Force.” Health is a choice. We can choose to have it or we can choose not to have it. It is a matter of choosing what our priorities are and what are priorities are not. The qualities of our lives are DIRECTLY related to our health. When we no longer have our health we sacrifice the quality of our relationships. When we no longer have our health we are not able to be as active and our energy levels are lower. When we no longer have our health our sex lives suffer. When we no longer have our health we do not function as well and cannot think as clearly or sleep as well. When we no longer have our health our bodies experience pain. When we no longer have any health at all, we are no longer alive or living. In other words, we are dead. As children under the age of about 15 years old, we rarely think about our health because most young people have tons of energy and usually feel great whether they get a good night’s sleep or not. But then as we get older and reach our 30s and 40s, for many of us, health becomes an area of focus in our lives. Presently, things have changed. Many children are now having to think about their health at 13 or 14 or 15 years old. It is not uncommon for an entire 10% or 15% of a high school class of children to be on antidepressants. What has happened? What happened to our common sense and caring about the next generation? What is happening with your children? If you do not have any children yet, what will happen to your future children? Is this the future that you want for them? It is time that we all stood for something and decided to make some positive changes.

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