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understanding%20the%20healing%20crisis[1]Effective holistic health therapies are completely different than the Western Medical model of health care.  The Western Medical model of health care (allopathic medicine) does little more than treat symptoms, allow for emergency medical procedures, provide a variety of different surgeries, and to treat chronic diseases with procedures that do not honor the innate wisdom of the body.  For example, for patients with cancer there are “effective” and “curative” procedures that involve toxic substances called chemotherapeutic agents.  This word, “chemotherapeutic” is a misnomer.  “Chemotherapy” is never “therapeutic.”  Chemotherapy is one of the most toxic methods ever introduced to medicine.  In fact, for many cancers the average life expectancy after the “chemotherapy” is given is only 5 or 7 years or less.  Of course, this varies greatly from one chemotherapeutic procedure to another.


Over the years, I have seen miracles happen with holistic therapies that do not involve any surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or prescription drugs.  Americans like convenience.  We like microwave ovens and instant oatmeal; but these things come at a price.  We want our surgeries to be fast and easy so we can get back to work right away and make money and support our families and feel useful.  We want any type of “healing process” that we are going to become a part of to allow us to have as much healing as possible in the shortest period of time and involving as little effort as possible.  We like convenience.  We do not want to have any type of negative experience that might normally be associated with a medical procedure.  For example, if a person has an aggressive tumor on their pancreas and the surgery to remove such a tumor is successful, the patient would still expect to stay in the hospital overnight and require a number of days or even weeks for healing and recooperation time.  Why would anyone expect less dramatic results and less dramatic healing time and recovery time from effective holistic therapies?

In my own clinical practice I have seen patients with advanced heart disease have completely normal laboratory findings after just a few visits and a short number of months of care.  I have seen people who were told that they would be on Thyroid medication for the rest of their life that had been on the medication for several years get off their medication completely after just 3 visits, others would take 8 visits and some people can’t get off their medication.  The point is that the improvements that people are able to achieve are incredible and completely different that what they had been “told by their Doctor.”  I have seen rheumatoid arthritis go away quickly and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 go away after 4 or 5 months of care.  I have seen people have their blood pressure drop 41 points in 2 visits and stay down.  I have seen cholesterol be lowered by nearly 100 points in 6 weeks.  Understand that every single one of these changes are considered completely “IMPOSSIBLE” in health care.  Those people who say these things are impossible anger and annoy those of us who are doing these things.  The mind and the body and health are all about possibility and potential.  The body, mind, spirit, psyche and not supposed to be about limitations set up by small groups of people who publish things in text books that might be true to them but do not necessarily reflect the potential and infinite possibilities of the world that we live in.  Currently, I am the only one in Northern California who has access to the therapies that I have access to.  I have gone way, way, way out of my way to learn and apply these therapies.

So, what is healing about?

What is healing not about?

Healing is NOT about disease.  Healing is NOT about fear that is not contained.  Healing is NOT about limitations and barriers.

Healing is about great possibilities.  Healing is about endless potential.  Healing is about doing good and having freedom.  Healing is about revealing the truth.

Healing is about going along a consistent scientific path that brings you to a specific result.  There are many, many, many crossovers between Allopathic Medicine and Natural and Holistic Health Care.   M.D.s who have never studied Professional Applied Kinesiology or Total Body Modification or Neuro Emotional Technique will never understand what we do.  It is completely foreign to them.  They are unable to make any sense out of it.  Professional Applied Kinesiology comes from the medical profession.  People who say that they “Do not believe in Applied Kinesiology” don’t really know what they are talking about because they are essentially saying that they do not really believe in anything.  I regularly use Netters Atlas of Anatomy, Guyton and Hall’s Textbook of Medical Physiology, pathology, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and many other different medical methodologies to diagnose and treat my patients.  In fact, nearly everything I am doing to diagnose is medical in nature.  However, I also have an entire series of very effective diagnostic procedures that are totally unique to my unique profession that come from Classical Homeopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Total Body Modification, Neuro Emotional Technique and a variety of other methods.

When I spend an hour or more with a patient it completely changes their body.  One of the techniques that I use is called Total Body Modification for a reason.  It literally modifys a person’s body WITHOUT the need for drugs, radiation or surgery in most cases but not in all cases.  In a way that is similar to how people do not feel very good after they receive an effective but needed surgery, they also do not feel very good after an effective but needed holistic health care treatment.  I have seen patients with a fungus that has taken over nearly their entire body end up feeling very ill after an effective treatment that only lasted 30 minutes.  However, I was able to save them from surgery to iliac arteries and coronary arteries that were calcified.  So, which one is better?  Having a surgery or not having a surgery?  I would choose having a bad flu for a few days or a week over having a surgery any day of the week.  Surgery leaves tissues of the body scarred and weakened and never, ever addresses the underlying physiological cause of the need for surgery.

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