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Love women,

Love men,

Love all races,

Love all people,

Love your family,

Love your friends,

When you love your enemies you will overcome them.

Love what you hate,

Love what you envy,

Love your work,

Love your resentments,

Love your frustrations,

Love your pain,

Love your dissappointments,

Love your failures,

Love your successes,

Love what comes easy and love what comes hard.

Love what you cannot and love what you can.

Love yourself and you can love others more fully.

Never forget to love.

Heart to Heart — Soul to Soul.

Spirit to Spirit — Life to Life.

Love to Love

Learn to love and never forget.

Never forget to love……all things and all people……and never forget to appreciate and be thankful for what you have…..and you will always have love….and you will always have enough.

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