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Question:  What do you do if you have parasites?

Answer:  Good question.  The answer is that you come to Triad Of Health Family Healing Center to get treated.

Question:  Why would I want to go to Triad Of Health Family Healing Center to get treated for parasites if I could just get a Parasite Cleanse at Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe or some health food store or the Internet?

Answer:  At Triad Of Health Family Healing Center our specific and effective therapies are often able to match the vibration of whatever parasite may be burdening you so that we can help your body rid itself of the parasites WITHOUT the need for lots of herbs, homeopathy or nutrition.  When the proper time, attention and lifestyle changes are provided – miracles happen.  The treatment offered at Triad Of Health is more effective, more comfortable, longer lasting, and tends to cost less money because you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars for parasite cleanses.

SushiSignWorms[1]Question:  What diet is a good diet for a person to follow who is detoxifying or ridding their body from parasites?

Answer:  A great diet to follow would be a diet that does not have parasites in it.  Avoiding raw fish and raw meat is especially important for the person who is wanting to eliminate parasites from their system.  Using only spring water that is fresh and free of bacteria and parasites is important.  Avoiding lots of digestive irritants is also a good idea – with the exception of garlic.  Having a little garlic from day to day is not necessarily such a bad thing — in fact, garlic increases circulation and helps your body to get rid of parasites.

Question:  Can you share any secrets about what you do in the Triad Of Health Family Healing Center office to get rid of parasites?

Answer:  I can.  I use a lot of the Total Body Modification and Total Kinesiology approach for getting rid of parasites.  I always check for the “thinking parasite” called “Cogitatio Parasitus” first because it is so evasive.  Cogitatio Parasitus is intelligent and knows how to hide in your body and not get caught and killed.  We always want to check for it.  There are a variety of worms and parasites of other sorts that can be checked.  For many of these parasites vials are used that have water in them.  A glass vial that contains water carries the energy of whatever word is written on the outside of the glass vial.  To understand better how this work you should go through Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water.  This may possibly be one of the greatest discoveries of our modern time if not the greatest discovery.  This book is a must read.  Being properly hydrated is a very important part of releasing parasites from the body.  Water is THE MOST EFFECTIVE thing that can be used to destroy Cogitatio Parasitus

Question:  Can “The Zapper” from Hulda Clark be used to get rid of parasites?

Answer:  Yes, it can.  But it tends to be far less effective than the other therapies that we are discussing here.  Plus, it takes quite some time to use the zapper and patients may need to take the zapper home in order to use it properly and get the most value from it.

Question:  Where are the points for parasites that you use in the Triad Of Health Family Healing Center?

Answer:  Great Question:  There are 5 main points for parasites that DO NOT involve vials.  These 5 points are described here.  1 inch down Poupart’s ligament from the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine) on the right and left to check for Large Parasites.  1 inch up Poupart’s Ligament from the Pubic Symphysis on the right and left to check for Small Parasites.  The last point is the middle of the Vastus Medialis muscle on the Left; this is the master point for parasites.

Question: Can labs be done for parasites and are those labs effective and are those labs necessary?

Answer:   At Triad Of Health Family Healing Center we like to be as cost effective as possible.  Most of the time we can get the information that we need to effectively treat our patients without having to rely on costly laboratory analysis that only regurgitates the same information that we have available from the methods of diagnosing that we use in the office at no cost.  There are a number of labs that can be done to reveal gut flora and parasitic infections.  Many of these labs are quite elaborate as well as costly.  For example, Genova Diagnostics (Metametrix) or Diagnostechs may be used to look for parasites in the stool.  The Genova Diagnostechs lab may cost  over $500 or $600.  Even when the lab has been done several times it may still fail to reveal the presence of parasites within the body.  Parasites can hide in the body in the intestinal lining, organs and glands such as the brain, liver, kidneys, skin, etc…. and so a stool sample may not reveal parasites in a body that is ravaged by them.  In fact, it often fails to reveal parasites and some of these labs will imply a serious threat to parasites that are not a true representation of dysbiosis.  For example, nearly every person in the American continent has Blastocystis Hominis and yet many of the labs show this parasite as being a big threat.  The fail to reveal the underlying cause of the digestive condition that has lead to an overpopulation of the Blastocystis Hominis.  4 month old laboratory results on a piece of paper that shows a positive finding for parasites may or MAY NOT be clinically relevant for treating a patient that sits there in front of their health care provider.  The key to quality and effective health care is to treat the patient and not treat the lab.  After an effective treatment we see changes in the lab work very quickly.  It makes little sense to constantly measure changes in lab work and adjust treatment methods based on this information if the health care provider already has a dynamic system of checks and balances that can read exactly what is happening with their patient’s systems and glands and bodily function from one minute to the next.  With this in mind, few health care providers have the skills and talents with which to really understand what is happening with their patients and so for those health care providers they NEED to use laboratory analysis just to have some kind of an idea as to what is happening with their patients.

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