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Discover How Dara’s Psoriatic Arthritis Nearly Disappears After First Visit:

High Points:

  • New Patient Perspective – video created after just 1 week of care
  • Previously Been to 12 Different Doctors For Help Without Results
  • Needed Ankle Braces Previously and None Needed 1 Week Later
  • Will Be Able to Get Back to Work in about a Month After Being Out of Work for 3 Months

Discover How Four People’s Lives Have Been Saved as a Result of Our Amazing INSTANT HEALING Therapies:

Learn the Truth about ADD, ADHD, Brain Fog, Depression, Obesity, Plaque Psoriasis and Autoimmune Disease

  1. Wade Santos – No need for Embryl InjectionsHumeraCyclosporinRemicade InfusionSevere Plaque Psoriasis Gone; UCSF Couldn’t Help; 30 pounds Weight Loss
  2. Dillon Santos – AsthmaAllergies and Fatigue gone after first visit and off all Medications.  No Inhalers, no Prescriptions, No Eye Drops, no Claritin, No Psychiatrist
  3. Michelle Santos – Foot Pain Gone
  4. Betsy Nicolas – No Self Harm, Cutting, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Headaches, Advil, Anemia, Hashimoto’s Symptoms, Fatigue, Car Accidents, Narcolepsy, Depression, Anger…

Angel Experiences an Amazing Health Transformation in less than 3 months:

  • Migraines Gone
  • Fatigue Gone
  • Constipation Gone
  • Drinking More Water
  • Eating More Protein
  • Getting More Rest

Janet King has experienced amazing changes and lost 40 pounds!

  • Kaiser couldn’t help Janet with alopecia. The 2 hour autoimmune thyroid workshop that Janet attended before getting started with care made a huge difference for her.
  • 40 pounds of weight loss
  • No concern about diabetes
  • Improved skin
  • Improved aura
  • Improved demeanor
  • No hypertension concern
  • She receives help with chiropractic
  • She receives homeopathy
  • She is able to explore her thoughts
  • She is able to explore her feelings
  • She understands the connection between sun and constipation and immunity.
  • Discussion is made of vaccinations
  • Discussion of the importance of vacation
  • Sleeping and relaxing
  • Discussion of essential oils
  • She is able to explore her emotions
  • Triad Of Health is like a One Stop Shop.

Yesenia #4


Yesenia's Daughter Sophia

Yesenia’s Life is Transformed After One Single Treatment Visit! She receives help with:

  • Bronchitis / Chronic Coughing
  • Joint Pain
  • Hormone-imbalance
  • Improved Motion
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain with Walking and Moving Making It Difficult to Play with Her Daughter
  • Emotions
  • Knowing Where To Refer Her Friends
  • Amazing 7 part video series story of how she discovered Dr. Ilya through her sister and her entire health transformation from having experienced uterine cancer and been on an Antidepressant for 3 and 1/2 years to being Medication FreePain Free, Anxiety Free and Healthy in less than 3 and 1/2 months and only 4 treatment visits!
  • Results for her 2 and 1/2 year old daughter Sophia: no more Constipation or Insomnia and better Coordination

Simon G has rejuvenated his health in just 6 months:

No desire for pot after 30 years of use, tinnitus (ringing in ears) gone, memory improved, more positive outlook on life, chronic 10 year old shoulder pain mostly gone, better diet, feeling better than he has in more than 30 years with symptoms that were there since childhood going away.

Helen is seeing dramatic results for :

Thyroid, Digestion/Eating Pains, Hot Flashes, Hormone imbalance.

Sean is seeing dramatic results for:

Chronic Pain, Low Energy.

Ivette received help with:

Preventing surgerynerve pain, moodiness and depression, reliance on pain or antidepressant medication, dietary changes, poor sleep

The Skolnikoff Method gives Graciela a new life and she has experienced:

  • Lost 12 pounds after only 3 visits and is only 4’11”
  • Help with hypothyroidism
  • increased energy
  • improved concentration
  • Eliminated sugar cravings
  • No moodiness
  • She no longer feels like crying

The Skolnikoff Method Quickly Transforms Jackie’s Life for the Better:

  • After only 2 treatments she no longer needed sleeping pills or cannabis for sleep
  • She has also been able to stop drinking coffee every morning after 40 years

Terri Fuchs’ Skolnikoff Method Results:

  • Off more than half of her medication in 6 treatments
  • Thumb pain gone after many years of pain and discomfort
  • Happy patient referring other patients

With Only 1/2 of her Thyroid, Laura is Feeling Great After Only 2 Treatments:

  • Itchy Thyroid is Now Normal
  • Depression Gone
  • Fatigue Gone
  • Joint Pain Gone
  • Knee Pain Gone and Flexibility Has Returned
  • Headaches Gone
  • She Has Experienced 10 Pounds of Weight Loss

In Just 4 Treatment Visits, Rafael Has Experienced:

  • 25 pounds of WEIGHT LOSS
  • Supercharged Boost of Energy
  • Improved Libido
  • Increased Stamina
  • Better Mood
  • Helped with Daughter’s Asthma

Marina has seen phenomenal permanent results with getting rid of:

Crippling low back pain, anxiety, low thyroid and adrenals, panic attacks, tinnitus, poor nutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, inability to walk due to pain, exhaustion

Carol has successfully:

Quit Smoking Pot after having been a regular user for 40 years.

Jheri has had amazing results with:

Depression, Neck Pain, Headaches, Stomach Distress / Poor Digestion, Inability to Eat or Sleep, Fungal Infection, and Belly Fat.

Sam has experienced dramatic results for:

High Cholesterol.

Susan is seeing dramatic results for:

PsoriasisCoughing, Congestion, Digestion/HeartburnPlantar Fasciitis, Thyroid,Body PainHerniated disc

Ed is seeing outstanding results for:

Chronic Pain, Low Energy

Dee has seen great complete relief for:

Fatigue, Her Health Puzzle, Thyroid Disease, Sleep, Family Relationships, Emotional Ups and Downs, Stamina, Excess Weight and Healthy Food Choices.

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