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Dr. Ilya and his approach to health are what I have been wishing for for years! I never knew there was actually someone in practice who integrates such a variety of modalities and therapies, not only for diagnosis of, but also for treatment of, the whole person.

As a young adult I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The treatment prescribed for this chronic condition was daily and perpetual thyroid medication. Although, with medication, my blood tests showed “normal”, I still did not feel right. I was tired, clumsy, constantly cold – I mean really and constantly cold! – had poor memory, and suffered bouts of mild depression.

Even with these and other chronic symptoms, I considered myself pretty healthy. I had been an athlete and a runner through my young adulthood. I was still active and felt young. However a 5 year stint on graveyard shift, combined with several other chronic stressors and a work related injury, exacerbated my symptoms and new health issues began to present. These included difficulty sleeping, back and shoulder pain, night sweats, fairly severe menstrual cramps and low appetite for life. Repeated visits to my General Practitioner, Endocrinologist, and Physical Therapists did little to relieve or satisfactorily explain my symptoms.

Recently, while browsing through a Bay Area health magazine, I skimmed past an ad for Triad of Health. I was intrigued by Dr. Ilya primarily for his skills as Master Diagnostician and the holistic approach he championed. Could I really get a true diagnosis as to the state of my body and health? It sounded too good to be true and I more or less forgot about it.

The catalyst to make the call was on yet another night of troubled sleep when I woke up feeling desolate. I’d had enough and decided I would try to still myself and ask for guidance. This was something I hadn’t done seriously for several years. Almost immediately I was “told” to call the Doctor I saw in the health magazine. I called Dr. Ilya the next morning.

I am so happy I made that call! Dr. Ilya booked an appointment for me within days. He performed a comprehensive analysis of my health and explained to me his findings and how he would like to treat me and my health. I didn’t fully understand, but since the message sending me to Dr. Ilya had been so clear, I started the therapies he suggested.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say the results were magical! My night sweats stopped within 2 days. My sleep became more regular and sound within weeks. By the 2ndtreatment my back and shoulder pain were gone and there were days that I woke up happy and ready for the day. I am now well into my third month working with Dr. Ilya and my medication has been cut in half. I have not suffered from cramps while on the therapies, and a nice bonus effect is that I lost 12 pounds in the first month – without sugar cravings!

Like I said, it was almost magical how my chronic symptoms were relieved so quickly. But it’s not magic. It’s a good Doctor who has integrated several modalities into effective therapies that treat the whole person and produce lasting results to correct and prevent imbalances of health.

Thank you Dr. Ilya!

Amy Rink, Petaluma CA

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