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I have been struggling to over come mental exhaustion and physical weakness since 14 years old. After years of medical testing and thousands of dollars spent on doctors and subsequent medications I left mainstream American medicine and tried alternative approaches. Acupuncture herbal medicine blood analysis, and naturopathy to name a few. At thirty-five years old I began having extreme neck and shoulder pain and started going to a chiropractor. I went every week for over a year and felt much better as long as I didn’t miss an appointment. It did nothing for my exhaustion. I went to a chiropractor who uses cold lasers in treatment and felt much better as long as I kept going three days a week for treatments. But this time the pain was gone and I wasn’t as physically tired. I began searching for a chiropractor who could address more than just one of my issues at a time and discovered Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff. In the time that I have been seeing Dr. Ilya my range of motion has increased and my physical exhaustion is almost nonexistent. And the pain in my neck and shoulder are gone. I receive treatments once a month on average and am extremely hopeful in solving my remaining concerns. This is the first time in many years that I have new hope and the energy to enjoy it. I definitely recommend Dr. Ilya to anyone who is ready to let go of American medicine and try something that works.

Gary Josephson

Santa Barbara, CA

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