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I came to Dr. Ilya a couple of months ago on recommendation from my wife. I was already somewhat aligned with his ideas about diet (which he nevertheless modified a bit), and had previously received extensive chiropractic care. However, I was dealing with an issue of intermittent urinary bleeding that had gone on for many months (the allopathic treatment of which would have been drastic and very uncertain). I also had continuous pain at the a base of the spine from an injury sustained in a rafting accident nearly two years ago that made it hard to sit for any length of time for any purpose. I furthermore experienced enough occasional back pain to make life difficult.
In only a couple of visits with Dr. Ilya, the pain I associated with the rafting injury has been virtually eliminated, and I have not had any episodes of back pain. Furthermore, the urinary problem has stopped, for which I am especially grateful!
Thank you, Dr. Ilya, for sharing the benefits of your skill and dedication!
Hank Levin
66 years old
San Rafael, CA

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