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Getting Well After a Lifetime of Stress

Before coming to visit Dr. Ilya, I spent 6 months on a western medicine treadmill of ultra sounds, CT scans, labs plus specialists: cardio, endocrinology and pulmonary for symptoms: spiking (as high as 180/99) blood pressure, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, numbness in hands and arms, sleeplessness, vibration in arms, etc.with no diagnosis. Blood pressure meds made me dim witted and weak. I felt like I was slogging through molasses. Finally I threw up my hands and said, “Enough”. I quit all the meds. But it took me a couple of months before I heard about Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, a Chiropractic Kinesiologist.

Not only did I have no idea what kinesology was, I had trouble pronouncing it correctly. I went to visit Dr. Ilya (as his patients call him) out of desperation, but with equal amounts of hope that he would help me and skepticism (I didn’t understand how he would help me). After one visit when my blood pressure had gone down by 30 points the skepticism was gone. Now after 8 weeks I am amazed at the results. I don’t always understand what he is doing, but I trust him completely. I am now recovering from a lifetime of stress.

Dr. Ilya’s treatment procedures for me consist–in part– of an animal protein and green vegetable ONLY diet (My name for it is the NO diet, after all the foods I can’t eat). But it is working. I immediately lost 10 pounds of bloat. The goal is to cut all sugar (carbs both simple and complex) and dairy. This has been an adjustment, since my previous diet was high in grains and beans, with occasional fish and poultry. But I want to get well and the diet is working, so I stick with it. And, I’m certainly not starving. (I’ve never eaten so many eggs and so much animal protein – all organic – in my life!)

Dr. Ilya also prescribes nutritional supplements that he changes as the needs of my body change. When I visit him he administers homeopathic remedies and gives me chiropractic adjustments as well as kinesiology. All make me feel better.

Being treating by Dr. Ilya has been a life altering experience. I still have a way to go, but so far this is how my health and well being have improved:

  • My blood pressure came down 35 points after the first visit.
  • My blood pressure came down a total of over 40 points after the first 2 visits and it stayed this low. It is now within normal range (120/80).
  • The urinary infection that I had was gone after the first treatment as White Blood Cell Esterase was no longer elevated to 105.
  • My cholesterol ratio of total cholesterol to HDL is great at less than 2.5.
  • My liver enzymes have improved tremendously. ALT was at 105 before and now it is at 32 after only one treatment.
  • An Infection is still in my system but is now within the normal range as the difference between the lymphocytes and neutrophils is much less dramatic.
  • I am sleeping soundly through the night for 8 plus hours of rest. (This I love!)

Marie Simmons
Cookbook Author and Food Writer
Richmond, CA

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