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Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff has healed my body! And honey that ain’t no easy feat. I came to him after discouraging visits with traditional western medical doctors that shall remain nameless (well at least in this review tee hee;-) Those doctors told me nothing was wrong. They said my weight gain, night sweats, hair falling out, joint pain, jitters, etc.etc. was all normal.

Really? Had I not gone to Dr. Ilya I would be wearing wigs and moo-moos right now looking like a black version of Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company.

His style is completely unconventional and the regimen is not easy to follow. He deals with your emotional health and physical health so get ready to deal with your s^*t!

But a wise woman (thanks Mom!) once told me: “When wealth is lost, something is lost. When health is lost, all is lost!” If you aren’t healthy then you can’t even make money, honey. I saw immediate results in just a few visits (read: 2 months). I have energy beyond my wildest dreams (BF is happy about that!) and lost 15lbs in 2 months. Enough said.

Rachel Williams Oakland, CA

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