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At the young age of twenty four I had been struggling with my health on several levels, and my condition seemed to be worsening rapidly with time. I had excruciating knee and hip pain to the point that I could not run, and had to limit my yoga practice dramatically. I constantly felt depressed, fatigued, anxious and emotionally drained. I had gained weight, developed allergies to many foods, and suffered from severe kidney and bladder infections. I was perplexed by my poor health because I had been thoughtful and conscientious about my diet and lifestyle choices from a very young age. I had always been perceived as an energetic and creative person, but I no longer recognized these qualities in myself. What was going on? After consulting several doctors through my primary health care provider to no avail, I was ready to give up.I hadn’t had my period for over a year, but all of my hormone lab tests came out within the normal range (albeit low).

Most doctors prescribed birth control pills to help regulate my cycle, but I was determined to get my body back to a balanced state without using oral contraceptives. Fortunately, I found Dr. Ilya at this point in my battle. After the initial consultation and three therapy sessions I can honestly say that I feel like myself again! Dr. Ilya does not treat symptoms independently, but rather examines their structural, chemical, and emotional causes in order to heal them.

My healing process has included Dr. Ilya’s chiropractic therapies, a new diet, and the addition of supplements to my daily regimen. Since the first treatment my body has been rejuvenated and has continued to improve over time. In just one month my knee and hip pain have completely subsided, my digestion is more sound, and my mood and emotions are generally more grounded and positive. I am so grateful for these improvements and will continue to work with Dr. Ilya in the future. I highly recommend his practice to anyone in need — my life has been touched in a powerful way!

Many thanks!

Sandra Sears

Mill Valley, CA

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