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A friend referred me to Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff and at the time had no idea what Applied Kinesiology was all about. Upon some research and some in depth discussion with Dr. Skolnikoff, I decided that it sounded very interesting so I gave it a try. I have to say it was a wonderful and enlightening experience. I was shown a whole new way to look at how my body works and how the foods I put into my body can effect my health and energy levels. During one of my visits, Dr. Skolnikoff asked me if I had any aches or pains anywhere in my body. I mentioned that I’d had a pain in my shoulder blade for over 2 years and had gone to my doctor and tried a number of massage therapists, the doctor said nothing was wrong, and the massage therapists seemed to make it better for about a week or two, but the pain kept coming back. Dr Skolnikoff asked if he could give it a shot. I told him nothing has worked, but he was insistent, so I decided it would not hurt for him to give it a shot. Well, I am ecstatic and happy to say that it’s been over 2 years, and it has all healed permanently! So, thank you so much!!!

Stephen Rosenblueth
39 years old
Piedmont, CA

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