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Before I started seeing Dr. Ilya, I suffered from headaches and I had neck pain. He used a holistic approach to treat me including structural, emotional and chemical therapies. After just a couple of treatments with him, I was already starting to feel better. He put me on a diet which helped with my low blood sugar and with the headaches. I was not starving at lunchtime anymore and I had more energy. He suggested that I stop wearing perfume which I did and started using the organic/solvent free beauty products that he recommended. After a few months of treatments, I have almost no headaches and my neck pain is gone. Also, I don’t have any cramps or headaches during my cycle which hasn’t happened in years!

Another great benefit of seeing Dr. Ilya is that I have lost weight! I was able to lose about 10 pounds while on the diet without starving myself. I have been wanting to lose a few pounds but I was never able to stick to any diets, but with his therapies and my new eating habits, the pounds started to come off and I went from a size 6 to a size 2!

Dr. Ilya is very knowledgeable and passionate about health. Before, I used to not think too much about what I was eating or what kind of beauty products I was using, but now I am more aware of what is healthy for me to eat and what types of lotions, shampoos, etc. I should use. He is really dedicated to helping others with their health and really cares about his patients. His practice is more than a career for him, it is his way of life and he will go out of his way to help others with their health.

-Sylvie Patrick

34 years old

San Francisco, CA

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