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In this 40 second video that you can see below you will be able to learn exactly what needs to be done in order to get rid of fatigue.  Here are some action steps that you may want to initiate:

  1. Sleep at least 9 hours per night
  2. Eat protein meals with as much protein as fits in your palm and fingers 4 times daily.
  3. Have 200 mcg of chromium picolinate GTF (glucose tolerance factor) with breakfast and with lunch.
  4. Do your best to start exercising at least 4 times per week for 30 minutes each time.
  5. Start eating mostly green leafy veggies and animal protein 4 times daily.  Avoid wheat, milk products, corn, soy and and processed sugar.
  6. Take 30 mg of Zinc Picolinate with your breakfast and your lunch each day.
  7. Go to sleep by 11p.m.

Try following these simple steps for the next 3 months and let us know over here at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center how everything goes.  Making these changes have helped a tremendous number of our patients with not just sleep but also with gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal aches and pains, etc…  Many people have gotten help with abdominal bloating.  Other people have gotten help with acne; and yet still others have received help with such symptoms as ADD, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme’s Disease, allergies, abdominal bloating, acute fatigue, and others.

Because zinc helps your body to produce stomach acid, it can also help with overall stomach function.  We have had some of our anemic patients completely get rid of their anemia just by following a variety of our lifestyle changes.  However, it should be noted that we STRONGLY recommend that people get what some of our patients have described as “total health care” through structural, chemical, emotional and other therapies and not just a one sided approach with only nutritional therapies.

In this Triad Of Health logo we can see a reflection of the depth of the Triad Of Health treatments.  Structural imbalances are at the core of many health concerns that people have.  Examples of structural imbalances are improper alignment of bones or injuries due to sports.  However, there is also the emotional component to any and all health concerns.  Chiropractic care involves structural, chiropractic adjustments.

A good example of an emotional component is pain.  Pain is an emotional experience that is registered in the limbic portion of the brain.  The limbic portion of the brain is the emotional center of the brain.  Therefore, it is not possible to have pain without it being an emotional experience.  Psychiatry is an example of an emotional therapy.

There is also a chemical component to any and all health concerns.  All the muscles, bones, joints and ligaments of the body have specific nutrients that support those muscles, bones, joints and ligaments.  For example, Vitamin C and Zinc are often touted as helping to strengthen immunity.  These nutrients will also affect our emotional state and they also have an effect on the different structures of the body.  So all of these aspects of the body are inter-related.  This video below that discusses how to get support with fatigue should be helpful.  I know you will love it because it is so direct and to the point.

In this video below, we can see the profound effect that these therapies had on Carol.  They helped her to quit smoking pot after 4o years of regular use.

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