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The TRIAD OF HEALTH is a system of healthcare that treats the whole person and considers the Structural, Bio-Chemical and Emotional/Mental health of each patient as a course of treatment.

This specific methodology that has been researched, developed, tested and practiced for more than 11 years by Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, DC, DIBAK is now providing relief and healing for local and international patients visiting Triad Of Health Family Healing Center in Marin County in Northern California.  Skolnikoff’s methods combines diverse modalities that include Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, flower essences, homeopathy, gemmotherapy, oligotherapy,  nutritional counseling, energy medicine, emotional therapies and a wide variety of other therapies to provide effective treatment that addresses root issues at the cause of any particular healthcare issue.  Health care is all about understanding what is the underlying pattern that is causing any particular person’s health puzzle.

Dr. Skolnikoff has come to be known as the “Puzzle Solver” by his patients.

Hypocrates, the father of modern medicine, said that “The highest good is to find the cause.”  What he meant is that you cannot effectively treat an ailment or health malady unless you know what is causing it.

This effective method of treatment has been researched, developed, tested and refined over the years and is now being offered by Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, providing relief and healing to patients visiting his clinic in Marin County, California.  Skolnikoff’s Triad of Health combines diverse modalities that include Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Nutritional Counseling as well as a variety of other disciplines to provide treatment that addresses the root causes of specific symptoms and healthcare concerns.  Patients who have not had successful results with the conventional medical model of health care are finding permanent solutions to long standing health problems with this holistic system of diagnosis and treatment.

Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine, said, “The highest good is to find the cause.”  What he meant is that an ailment or health issue cannot be treated effectively without addressing what is creating the problem in the first place.

Hypocrites – the Father of Modern Medicine

Feel better, experience greater energy, health and well being with the Triad of Health.

If you want to effectively treat health problems at their source,  contact the clinical practice of Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff.

What Is the “Triad of Health?

Applied kinesiology (AK) combines a variety of different disciplines into one cohesive system of checks and balances.  It is a diagnostic based value system that also involves specific treatment methodologies.  It is used by Medical Doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths and countless other health care providers.  AK testing techniques provide bio-feedback and information that helps the pin point exactly what the underlying causes of health imbalances are and then to be able to balance the body structually, chemically and emotionally by treating the underlying causes.  Some patients have been quoted as saying that the therapies Dr. Skolnikoff uses “are like magic.”  However, the therapies are not like magic at all, but rather, they involve a very left brained, analytical and organized, structured approach to health care.  The process is actually very methodical.

The TRIAD OF HEALTH was initially described by D.D. Palmer (the founder of chiropractic) and then later discussed in great detail by Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology.  Dr. Goodheart lived to be 85 years old.  Many healthcare professionals in most industrialized nations now use Applied Kinesiology.  It takes into account not just the patient’s musculoskeletal system (structural), but also their diet (biochemical) and emotional state (emotional/mental). Applied Kinesiologists also evaluate their patients’ exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants.

Each side of the TRIAD OF HEALTH affects the other two sides. Focusing on only one side will not bring resolution to a chronic health concern. This is why many people never seem to lose weight or keep weight off when dieting. Many people never get better after having seeing a psychiatrist who just treats their mental condition. Years after fracturing a bone or having surgery, many are still suffering.

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Structural therapies involve the physical body. Some examples of structural therapies are: surgery, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, bodywork, etc. Anything solid is a structure and even liquids can be structures. Structures include the anatomy of the body: the hands, the heart, the forehead, the muscles, joints, ligaments and skin.  Physically touching any of these areas with a therapeutic intent would be classified as structural therapy.


Chemical refers to the chemical processes that take place within the body or that invade the body from outside. Food consists of chemicals. Toxic substances such as mercury, lead and pesticides are all  chemicals. Infective agents such as viruses, parasites, bacteria and funguses are all organisms composed of chemicals that also change body chemistry. Nutrition and nutritional supplements are chemicals. Herbs, homeopathy and nutrition are chemical therapies used to help people with their health. Medications (drugs) are chemicals that would be classified under chemical therapies.


Emotions affect our health. People who are happy all of the time tend to be in better health than people who are always angry, unhappy, and disgruntled. For example, if a man gets a raise at his job and his wife tells him how lucky she feels to be married to him, the man would feel good and this feeling would improve his health. On the other hand, if a man gets fired from his job, loses his home, and his wife leaves him, then he would get depressed and this would negatively affect his health.


Today, all around us, we see our health care system collapsing.  The reason for this is that our health care system does not focus on getting people healthy; instead it focuses on symptom relief.  Our health care system is not a health care system at all, but it is really more of a sick care system.  While the American “health care” system is often effective at relieving or treating symptoms, because the cause of the symptoms are never addressed, symptoms often return or much worse problems return.  A mechanic cannot fix their customer’s car until they figure out what is wrong with the car and why it will not run.  Similarly, a doctor cannot help their patient get well until they determine what is wrong with the patient and why the patient began to have their symptoms in the first place.  Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine, said that “the highest good is to find the cause.”  What he meant is that you cannot effectively treat an ailment or health malady unless you know what is causing it.  Five different patients could show up to the same hospital with five different diseases and each of these patients’ diseases could have the same cause or different causes.  Why would you treat the disease instead of the patient who has the disease?  Why would you treat the symptoms, call them a disease, and totally ignore whatever caused the symptoms to develop in the first place?  It does little good to treat a disease or symptom without first diagnosing (discovering) what is its cause.  Applied Kinesiology is hands down the most advanced system of diagnosis and treatment in the history of modern therapeutics.


At TRIAD OF HEALTH Dr. Skolnikoff uses structural, chemical and emotional therapies to treat every dimension of your health concerns to achieve the best results in healing, optimal health and well-being.  He diagnoses the CAUSE of your health concerns and treat those CAUSES structurally, chemically and emotionally so that your symptoms are eliminated permanently.  Clearly, this is a different approach from what we are used to seeing in most of modern health care today.

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