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The endocrine system (hormonal system) is like an orchestra of players all playing in tune.  If just one of the players in the orchestra plays out of tune, then the entire orchestra sounds terrible.  Alternately, if we just listen to one or two of the players that are excellent and have everyone else be quite and take a break then the one or two excellent players sound great.

We are making an analogy to lab tests here.  If we are trying to determine the health of the thyroid gland and we check several marker values that are completely normal, then we are not finding anything wrong with the lab.  We can only find something wrong with the lab if we check the lab values that are actually out of range.  These lab values are the Hs and the Ls, the HIGHS and the LOWS.  Anything marked our of range is either high or low.

Blood labs and many of the other labs are not exactly what they seem to be. The labs are based on an erroneous system that compares your lab values to the very very sickest in your community. A good lab only means that you are the least sick of the sickest people in your community. It does not mean that you are healthy. How are you going to diagnose someone for parasites in their brain if the parasites never move into the fecal material or anywhere else? How is it possible to do this without doing a biopsy of the brain itself?  Is doing a biopsy of the brain safe?

Triad Of Health Family Healing Center has viable options to this that we will be discussing at the next 2-Hour FREE thyroid workshop.  We have come to affectionately and lovingly refer to our thyroid workshop as The Seven Pitfalls You Must Avoid to Heal Your Thyroid.

The room that we have these workshops in is not very large.  We can only fit a limited number of people in the room and space is very limited.  If you are wanting to take your health to the next level and attend the workshop it is imperative that you register as soon as you can.  This link brings you to the Eventbrite page where you can register.

This is a quick 6 minute excerpt from the most recent thyroid workshop.

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