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San Rafael Chiropractor reviews Double Preventive Mastectomy

Are you planning on getting a preventive double mastectomy?

There are 3 goals for this post:

Not to offend the reader.
Reveal the flawed thinking with any type of preventative Mastectomy surgical procedure or any other similar surgical procedure and the missing science.
Identify the depth of the flawed thinking and the greater implications for our entire society of this flawed thinking.
It may not be possible to accomplish all 3 of these goals with this post but perhaps it will be possible to accomplish 2 out of the 3 of them.

Colitis, PMS, Reyes Syndrome

What do Ulcerative Colitis, PMS, Reyes Syndrome and Psychological Distress all have in common? Well, they don’t have anything in common unless you look at the CAUSE. Diagnosis, finding the causes of health concerns, is the MOST important aspect of health care. Can you imagine a fighter jet that is not properly working and there is a concern by the military that it might crash the next time it goes up if things are not repaired and instead of repairing the jet they just put on new wings and load it up with fancy bombs?

Hormones and Hormone Labs

Since I specialize in helping women with hormonal imbalances and people who have difficulty with their thyroid gland. I thought I would take the time to discuss hormones just a bit. Hormones exert a powerful influence over all physical, intellectual and emotional behavior. Problems with weight, memory, sleep, digestion, blood pressure, high cholesterol, cravings, addictions, sexual dysfunctions, and problems associated with the immune system, are all influenced by the endocrine system.

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