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Yeah. The main reason for the post is not to say that Drugs and surgery do not have their place, because they most definitely do. The thing is that the public is being misled into thinking that they need to be vaccinated, that they have drug deficiencies and that if their Medical Doctor does not think that something is a good idea that then it is not a good idea. Plus, there is the languaging and the disrespect of the results that us so called “holistic health professionals” are getting with our patients / clients. The alternative to what we do is poisons and toxins and spending your life on drugs and receiving needless surgeries and being less happy and less energetic and paying more money for “sick care” (not health care) and being sick more often so that you are not able to work and be productive. Since when is HEALTH an alternative? Since when is BEING HEALTHY called COMPLIMENTARY? What is being HEALTHY “COMPLIMENTARY” to? Is it complimentary to being sick? Is it complimentary to disease? Is it complimentary to being addicted to prescription medication for the rest of your life? approximately 60% of the population is on some type of medication that they take every day. This is alarming? Is this what they are calling “PRIMARY HEALTH CARE?” Is this what they mean by “FIRST DO NO HARM?” They are doing harm every day and in every way. The only thing that they are not doing harm to is their pocket books. We should respect drugs and surgery and radiation, but they need to respect us just the same. To treat dehydration with drugs and nutritional deficiencies with medication is probably the greatest crime every perpetrated on modern society. It is likely to be the cause of the downfall and extinction of our species (homo sapiens). The vaccinations are well documented to weaken the genetic code of humans. It is only evil to allow them to continue and even to promote their use and people are so confused and brainwashed as to think that they are in some way helpful. It is nuts.


I am a chiropractor.  I studied acupuncture in graduate school for several years as well as the needed acupuncture training to become a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology.  I have also studied a variety of naturopathic therapies and homeopathy and I am a primary health care provider. Remember, I am NOT an alternative health care provider.   The only alternative to what I do is drugs, radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, etc…. Nobody should refer to my profession or the neighboring professions to mine “alternative” therapy professions.  These professions and therapies are not complimentary or alternative to anything….. I am the only intelligent choice for care.  I am helping my patients to heal at the highest level.  For heaven’s sake – myself and my colleagues are able to discover what is causing our patients’ cancers and then treat the underlying causes of these cancers.  Our patients actually get better.  We don’t use immune system weakening chemotherapy.  That is not a smart way to do something.  Weaken the immune system to treat an immune system disease is like cutting off the lower limbs of a young boy who is growing too quickly.  It is ludicrous.  It makes no sense.


My colleagues and I are able to balance the hormones of our patients.  Rarely do we need to actually give them hormones to keep their hormones balanced.  The only hormone therapy available in allopathic medicine is to give hormones or not to give hormones.  In contrast, I have hundreds and thousands and millions of different types of therapies at my disposal.  (No exaggeration is being made.)  Is it any wonder that M.D.s do not care much for some of the chiropractors when we have so many, many, many therapeutic options at our fingertips and the only option that they have is drugs, surgery and radiation?  It should not be surprising at all.  Plus, myself and my colleagues are the ones that get such great results with our patients.  Alopathic medicine is well-known and well documented to be the number one cause of death in the United States.  Does it not seem odd that the number one cause of death is called “health care?”



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