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History of the Triad Of Health Introduction:

Dr. Ilya’s Story – in his own words

“My father is a psychiatrist and my mother is an anthropologist, so my family stressed and valued science and education. I was raised with the belief that if something was wrong with my health, the first person that I should turn to is my medical or family doctor.

Then some physical challenges happened to me that changed my way of thinking and caused me to question the common approach of Western Medicine.

Towards the end of high school I developed severe acne. I tried Benzoil Peroxide, Cleocin T and Retin A, but none of them really seemed to get rid of the acne. My acne was so bad that I chose to take the most powerful prescription acne medication available: Acutane. The label warned that pregnant women should not use the drug and cautioned one not to spend time in the sun while using the product. Furthermore, it could even create liver damage! I took the medication, and, as a side effect, my skin would get very dry and my face became really red. Immediately upon using the product I began to notice that I would see floaters in my eyes that I did not see before using the product.

I only used the product as directed for about 6 months.  Several years went by after using the product and I noticed myself being constantly angry and frustrated(which I later learned to be emotions related to the liver).  At that time, I worked for an environmental and health company. Although I learned a lot on the job about the environment and health, after 8 years of working nearly 80 hours a week, my own health was a disaster.

Fortunately, different chiropractors from all over the country would come to work and visit at this company and I was able to receive treatments from them.  Not all of them had the same quality of training.  I began to notice that those who were able to make the greatest impact on my health all used the same specific techniques.  I chose to dedicate my own life to learning the techniques that these doctors had used to help me.  Today, I am in the best of health – I have more energy and excitement for life than people much younger than me.

I remember one chiropractor in particular who made the greatest impression on me.  He used to hold free classes for his patients and the public.  I attended his classes many times and benefitted greatly.  I want to do the same for you.  I want to share with you a better and healthier way to live.  I personally invite you to attend my Triad of Health 2-Hour Introductory workshop.”

So, what will you get at the Triad Of Health 2-Hour Introductory workshop?

Your Triad of Health Introductory workshop is devoted to giving you an understanding of how you will be able to regain your health. You will discover simple and straightforward options that you will be able to take advantage of that will allow you to immediately pursue a new path of health and energy and vitality.  You will learn of a way to be completely free of the symptoms that have plagued you for years – the same symptoms you might have sought help for from several different health care providers already or that you were told nothing could be done to alleviate.  Dr. Skolnikoff does not want to help you with your symptoms: his passion is in discovering the underlying cause of your symptoms in order to permanently get rid of the symptoms and keep them from coming back.  This can only be done with the effective methods of diagnosis and treatment that he will be sharing with you.

You will receive:

  • 3 vital tips to help you take charge of more radiant health
  • Valuable insights into Dr. Skolnikoff’s approach through live demonstrations of Applied Kinesiology and the other therapies that he uses with his patients.
  • A special offer for your initial visit and consultation with Dr. Skolnikoff (available only at this workshop).

This Triad of Health Introduction has no strings attached.  This two-hour time investment offers you an opportunity to get started along a road to improved health and decreased pain and suffering… if you so choose.  Click “REGISTER NOW” in the purple box above to register for the event through Eventbrite or call (415) 459-4313 to register.  It is free to register.


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