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I will introduce you to an amazing, scientifically-proven breakthrough approach to quickly and permanently free yourself from the emotional and physical toll of  hormonal imbalances (due to menopause, thyroid, or mood disorders)

…and restore your ability to enjoy your body and your life the way you were meant to!”

· Do a variety of small but chronic ailments (e.g. headaches, hot flashes, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, etc.) trouble you and undermine your ability to feel good in your body and have enough energy to do the things in life you enjoy?
· Do you wonder why you sometimes feel older than you think you should due to unexplained body aches, joint pains, and lethargy?
· Have you tried unsuccessfully for years to lose weight and get rid of stubborn belly fat even with the help of diet and exercise?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a hormonal imbalance, like many other thousands  of women, without even knowing it!  And whether you’ve known this about yourself for years or are just discovering it, there is something you can do about  it quickly, without the use of prescription drugs, and with few changes to your current diet and lifestyle.

Meet “Freya”…(You may know someone like her)

Freya, a 49-year old woman, living in Marin county, CA has come in to get help from Dr. Ilya. She’s had a few night sweats and hot flashes in the past and is dealing with  headaches. Following an initial visit, Dr. Ilya has her stop using the hormone cream she’d been using for her hormonal imbalances. They do a lab. Her hormone levels are  off the chart. She’s at a very high risk for cancer (uterine, cervical or breast cancer). It shows it right there on the lab – and she didn’t even know it. After only 4 visits and a  variety of therapies, Freya is able to get off thyroid medication. Her digestive difficulties are gone. She can think clearly, she sleeps great at night and doesn’t have any  more hot flashes that bother her throughout the day. Because of this, she’s able to concentrate better at work and has received a raise. Following visits with Dr. Ilya every  4-5 weeks, Freya’s whole quality of life is transformed.

Much to her surprise, her sex life has improved (sex used to be painful but now everything just flows). She’s attracting  better quality relationships, having let go of life-long, self-sabotaging emotional patterns. Dr. Ilya’s treatments have helped tremendously with this too, as a natural side-benefit  of bringing her whole nervous system into balance and harmony. She finds that making choices that support her well-being is remarkably easy and natural (this includes food!).  Freya feels more in control of her life than ever, free and empowered to do the things that make her happy again.

Freya can hardly believe that this level of physical vitality, emotional balance, and overall joi d’vivre that she is now experiencing is hers to enjoy and had been waiting for her all along. She had NO IDEA this kind of doctor and health care was available until she met Dr. Ilya.

“So, what will you get at the Triad of Health 2-Hour Introductory Workshop?”
· 3 vital tips for you to take charge of more radiant health today!

.Valuable insights into Dr. Skolnikoff’s approach through live demonstrations of Applied Kinesiology and the other therapies that he uses with his patients.

.A special offer for your initial visit and consultation with Dr. Skolnikoff (available only at this workshop).
If you would like to meet Dr. Skolnikoff in person before beginning care, we suggest that you attend our up and coming autoimmune workshop.  More details can be found if you follow this link.  

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