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As I go about my daily life hardly a day goes by that I am not shocked and dismayed by the current state of our health care system or the current state of the Level Of Consciousness of the average American.

Today I went to Safeway to pick up a few items and noticed a young lady who was deliberating over which container of Truvia to buy.  There were many, many, many different options.  Notice how beautiful the packaging is.  Doesn’t it look like it must be good for you from the outside packaging of the container?  Plants are green and strawberries must be healthy, right?  Wrong.  But, anyway…. allow me to continue my story.  No matter how you look at the situation, if the young lady at Safeway buys ANY container of Truvia, the owners of Truvia win and she loses.  Feel free to take some marketing courses to learn more about how marketing works.  For a product like this one, 90% of the cost of the product goes into the packaging of the product and only about 10% of the cost of the product is the actual product itself.  Isn’t that scary?  The same is the case for most packaged goods, especially skin care, make up and perfume.  I wanted the girl to know the truth so since I see her pick one of the containers off of the shelf I let her know, “That is poison.  I wouldn’t suggest you get it.”  She immediately says, “No, it’s not poison.”  But, yes, it is.  In fact, even real sugar is poisonous.  The sugar substitutes are lab experiments that create and then they test out in labs.  They are synthetic chemicals not found anywhere on the planet – they are made in labs.  They are very poisonous.  The original way that saccharin was developed was that there was a scientist at a manufacturing plant somewhere and they noticed that rats that ate a white looking chemical on the ground would die.  The scientist was crazy enough to taste the white looking substance and found that it tasted sweet.  Then, he isolated the compound in the laboratory and they started using it as a sugar substitute.  Saccharin is still on the market despite all of the studies showing its negative effects on brain chemistry and also the research documenting how it causes blindness in people living in warmer climates.  There was nothing that I could say to the girl  to get her to even “listen” to what I was saying.  The concept that something found there on the  grocery store shelf could be poisonous was completely beyond her comprehension and consciousness.  I showed her my business card and let her know that I teach people how to live healthier lives for a living but she was not having any of it.  She was not going to listen to anything that I had to say no matter what.  If you are reading this blog post now then HOPEFULLY YOU WILL LISTEN to the message and not get the message confused with the messenger.  For all of the sugar substitutes that they come out with, they keep finding all of these problems with each of them.  Strangely, even though they find problems with each of them they never remove them from the market place.  Instead, they just come out with a new one and say that it is better.  Are the new ones better?  No, of course not.  They are different.  They are less well researched.  And, THEY HAVE NOT YET DISCOVERED ALL OF THE SIDE EFFECTS OF THE NEW SUGAR SUBSTITUTES THE WAY THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE FOR THE OLD SUGAR SUBSTITUTES.  All of the sugar substitutes are poisonous.  None of them are safe.  If you want to have something sweet then try inositol powder, L-glutamine powder or L-glycine or Di Methyl Glycine or Tri Methyl Glycine or Succinat from sugar cane or honey or molasses or even sugar.  But never use those nasty poisonous sugar substitute laboratory experiments.  That stuff will kill you.

I hope you enjoyed this informative and fun story.  Ok, maybe the story was a bit heavy but that is what you will become if you choose to continue to use the sugar substitutes.  They are truly the cause of belly fat as they cause the belly to become fat in the same way that happens to all people who are developing a toxic liver.

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