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This information comes directly from Dr. Phil Maffetone’s website. 

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This is Dr. Maffetone talking in his own words:“This has been my primary teaching point from the first day in private practice almost 35 years ago until the present, and it’s what I personally practice everyday. Essentially, it means each person being responsible for his or her health and fitness. Only by doing that can optimal wellness, graceful aging and true illness and disease prevention be achieved. In addition, it’s the ultimate answer to the nation’s, and the world’s, health-care problem. Surrendering our bodies and personal control to health insurance companies, medical providers, or the government to dictate our health needs, which is what too many people are doing now, simply does not work. The continuous and dramatic rise in health-care costs, and ongoing fall in quality of life clearly demonstrates the failure of that approach. Self-health care is about caring for one’s body first, through improved lifestyle factors such as diet, stress control and physical activity, [receiving preventative treatment such as through homeopathy, chiropractic, herbs, acupuncture, naturopathy, emotional therapies….and] then using ….. other professionals if and when the need arises.”

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