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What is an Hormone Expert and How Do You Know if They are Truly an Expert?


Unfortunately, now-a-days just about anyone can get up on a soap box and preach about how they are a great hormone expert without even having had any real training or experience.  The way to really know if someone can BEGIN to practice what they preach is to find out if they have had an adequate amount of training to actually help with balancing hormones.  Are they familiar with basic hormone physiology?  For example, did you know that hormones affect many cells throughout the body in a very dramatic way that changes the way other glands and organs work throughout the body?  Because taking ANY hormone causes your body to make LESS of that hormone, one should be careful not to cause hormone overdose that leads to major hormone imbalances.  Often people will mistakenly believe that if they take a hormone such as Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone, DHEA or Pregnenolone or Melatonin that their body will then have MORE of this hormone.  At first this may indeed be true.  Because the hormone is entering the body from the outside (exogenously) it is foreign to the body.  At first the hormone which the body is low in increases in the blood and tissues that need the hormone and the patient feels much better.  However, if the use of the hormone is not very carefully monitored then the hormone can be overdosed.  For many hormones such as estrogen and progesterone and most of the steroid sex hormones, the symptoms of hormone deficiency are nearly the SAME SYMPTOMS as hormone excess and/or overdose.  Without having had the proper training and education, the person who is helping you with your health will not know this.  It may be that they call themselves an Hormone Expert and yet really don’t have enough training to be called a Hormone Expert.  What is even more amazing is that there are quite a few medical doctors that are endocrinologists that have a tremendous amount of training and yet their training does NOT include FUNCTIONAL endocrinology.  It only includes the study of drugs, radiation therapy, anatomy, pathology and some other training regarding the nervous system, basic sciences and physiology.  While this is the “standard of care,” I think that it is criminal.  How can a person call themselves an endocrinologist and not understand the sensitive ebb and flow of the hormones in the body that if not carefully orchestrated and in balance can lead to severe symptoms.  Hysterectomies are among the top 2 most common surgeries for women in the United States.  Endocrinologists allow for these procedures to be carried out.  Rather than diagnosing and understanding the underlying causes of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and a variety of other difficulties with the female sex organs and glands, they will just treat symptoms with drugs, radiation and surgery. And yet the majority of people in the United States go to their endocrinologist to have all of their difficulties with imbalanced hormones addressed without ever considering that their may be a better way.  Many of the endocrinologists are considered experts.  Some of them are considered “holistic” because they sell weight loss programs to their patients or people on the Internet.  They will sell these programs to people whom they have never met.  Andy they make a lot of money doing it.  It is truly amazing.  I have a question.  How can you diagnose and treat a patient by selling them a weight loss program if you have never met them and do not know what is causing them to have excess weight?  How does that work?


The author of this article strongly believes that a true “Hormone Expert” is a healthcare provider that is licensed to both diagnose and treat the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances in such a way that they are able to remove these imbalances from the body rapidly, safely and permanently.  Samuel Hahnemann, Clarence Gonstead, George Goodheart, DC and number of other people over the years were excellent at diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of hormonal imbalances.  The key to being a real, live, validated and authenticated hormone expert is in being able to balance hormones naturally without needing hormones with which to do so.  When the health care provider relies on lots of hormones, herbs and nutrients in order to balance their patient’s hormones then they are NOT a hormone expert.  Instead, they are an hormone amateur.  They don’t know what they are doing.  If they knew what they were doing then why would they need to use all of those hormones and herbs and nutrients every month in order to accomplish their therapeutic goals.  It is the MASTER HORMONE EXPERT that is able to balance the hormones of their patients without ANY herbs or nutrition or hormones.  That is a true master.  There are very few masters — very few.

You can tell a leader or an expert in any area of life by the results that they are able to achieve.  The better the results the better the expert.  At Triad Of Health Family Healing Center we have truly AMAZING AND MIRACULOUS results that are COMPLETELY UNHEARD OF in ANY AREA OF HEALTH CARE.  This is a truism.

Just  a reminder for the many thousands of people who will never know about Triad Of Health Family Healing Center and our colleagues and how we are able to help people at such a deep level by addressing the cause….. their are always other options.  You can always try ignoring your health if you are a young lady who is supposed to be of child bearing age and fertile.  You can get a surrogate.  When it is possible to be healthy and have a healthy child why would you side with being unhealthy, unable to have a healthy child and actually have your child carried by some other woman who will then bear your child.  I am not even sure if you would call this motherhood by definition.  Perhaps you could just call our office and explain it all to me.


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