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There have been lots of /interesting things happening lately in the world of health and in the world in general.  We are faced with far more confusion than we have faced at any other time in history.  In the midst of all of this confusion the new iPhone 6 is coming out this week – as though it will somehow solve all of our problems to have a bigger, badder, sleeker, faster, more powerful, and smarter phone.

Many young people will purchase a $100 case for their phone, but they are having unprotected sex because they never learned the value of spending a few dollars on some type of safe birth control.  I suppose this brings me to my next subject – health.

           For whatever reason, many people are not very motivated about their health and have never even considered the value of being and staying healthy.  They spend money for vacations to Hawaii and on cars and stereos and meals out at nice restaurants as well as private school, skiing, private tennis lessons, pianos, piano lessons, clothing and all sorts of interesting things but very little time and money on their health which is far more important than anything else.  Really, the only thing that could compare to one’s health in level of importance are our relationships and the love experienced between two or more people.  Isn’t love a part of healing?  Isn’t love a part of health?

           Today I was in the middle of conducting a Report Of Findings for one of my new patients and it sort of dawned upon me how crazy our “health care” system really is.  I know you have heard many of these clichés over and over and over again; and the reason why you have heard them so many times is because they are true.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had patients go to their medical doctor seeking support and help with their health only to do a blood lab that checks for pathology, that reveals pathology, and then be told that there are not any positive findings on the lab.  I don’t know if you realize this if you are reading this but blood labs do not ever reflect GOOD HEALTH of a patient.  The only thing revealed when positive findings are found on a blood lab is that PATHOLOGY IS PRESENT.  This is the entire purpose of the blood lab.  If pathology is present then they like to monitor the pathology with the blood lab.  Remember that the focus here is still on pathology.  There are only a few rare exceptions to this.  There is a small minority of athletes who create dramatic changes on labs that makes the lab analysis look as though something is imbalanced.  Additionally, some conditions show imbalances in the body that have not yet reached a true disease state – for example, pre-diabetes is one of these conditions.  These blood labs do not look for health, longevity, vitality and normal vibrant function.  What they are searching for on the lab is pathology and disease and dysfunction.  Therefore, the only thing that they might find is what they are looking for: disease, dysfunction and pathology.  Just because there isn’t any disease, dysfunction and pathology found on your blood lab does not mean that you are disease, dysfunction and pathology free.  The ONLY thing that it means is that the lab was not SPECIFIC and ACCURATE enough to pick up and reveal any disease, pathology and dysfunction that you may have.  I have had patients with full blown advanced and progressed Rheumatoid Arthritis show completely normal blood labs.  Did you know about this?  You should, because it is highly likely that your medical doctor is using these labs as some type of measurement or indicator of how healthy you are or are not………  And that is true insanity in practice.  It is no wonder that health care in this country is such a mess.

            While we are on the subject, let’s discuss the differences between different labs.  Different labs will establish different ranges for normal and abnormal values in different parts of the country.  This is based upon the extent of pathology in any particular given area.  for example, if everyone’s blood sugar is especially high in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the lab that processes people’s blood samples in that area would then change the values of normal so that normal fits into higher values than it did before the population’s blood sugar went up.  This is no embellishment of the truth.  This is actually what happens and how the labs do things. 

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