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Mark Anthony Stephens


Mark Anthony Stephens from  Edge On Regenerative Medicine Tells His Amazing Story:

  • Monthly Migraines and Headaches for 36 Years Gone After First Treatment Visit!
  • Diet Greatly Improved

Betsy N has transformed her entire life for the better in less than 2 months:

All of these symptoms / conditions are transformed: Bell’s PalsyTrigeminal Neuralgia, daily headachesdepressionbulemiastomach ulcer (bleeding), Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms, dizzinessanxiety and no need for gallbladder surgery that was already scheduled.

You have got to watch these videos to believe them.

Part 1 video reveals real people that have received help with:

Headaches, Stomach Distress, DigestionBloatedness, Mental Fatigue / Foggy thinking, Emotional Ups and Downs, Hot FlashesBelly FatHormonesFungal InfectionsFatigueSleep, Joi D’vivre, Weight Loss and Liver Toxicity.

Part 2 video reveals real people that have received help with:

FatigueMoodinessThyroid DiseaseArthritis of hips and low back, Nerve PainSleep ApneaAsthmaMorning HeadachesStomach AchesNutritional Deficiencies, over reliance on MedicationsLifestyle Changes.

Cynthia Tom Testimonial


Cynthia has had amazing results with:

Quitting Ambien, antidepressants, allergy medication and other meds for pain, knee pain, back pain, sleep apnea, anxiety


Women’s Success Stories


Men’s Success Stories

Kerry has seen dramatic results for:

Staph skin infections, over-reliance on antibioticsimmunity and autoimmunitypainthyroidemotionsweight losslost tim

After Her VERY FIRST TREATMENT Visit Joan Experienced:

  • Acid Reflux is gone
  • Solutions that were unavailable at:
    • General Practitioner
    • Nutritionist
    • Rheumatologist (rheumatoid arthritis drugs not wanted)
    • Gastroenterologist (Advil not wanted)
  • Complete Diet change with Delicious, Easy to Prepare, Very Healthy Foods like Atlantic Fish and Chicken Breast and Leafy Green Vegetables and Asparagus
  • Lower Right Rib Pain (Costochondritis) nearly completely gone
  • Choking Sensation GONE that had been there for more than 6 months

Elena has had excellent results with improving:

Easily Angering, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Hormone Imbalance, Extreme Anxiety, Social Interactions, Poor Focus, Headaches and Digestive Issues.

Victoria is experiencing tremendous natural healing results for:

Digestive Issues, Eczema (skin disorder), PainEmotional Distress

Michelle and her two sons are seeing incredible results for :

Plaque Psoriasis (skin disorder), Asthma, Pain, Sleeping DisorderLow Energy, Weight Issues


Sal Loses 50 pounds

Sal has been experiencing great results for:

Asthma, headaches and 50 pounds of weight loss

Introducing Roy Snarr and The Skolnikoff Method:

  • Allergies greatly improved
  • No more wheezing after previously having needed decongestants daily
  • No more Prednisone
  • No more Inhalers
  • 6 Month Old Daughter’s congestion is now gone and no need for inhalers any longer after only 3 weeks and only 2 treatment sessions.
  • All therapies done through Zoom / Phone–Very Convenient

Arlene Kato has experienced a miracle and is now freed from:

Graves Disease (Hyperthyroidism), heart palpitationssuicidal thoughtsanxietychemical sensitivityMethimazolepropranololprogesteroneestrogen and candida. She is now more energetic and able to walk up and down hills due to increased energy that she did not have before. After a year Arlene is now able to enjoy a full and complete life again.

In Just 4 Treatment Visits, Monica No Longer Experiences:

  • Foot Spasms
  • Migraines
  • Brain Fog
  • Low Back Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Off 3/4 of her Antidepressants with a much better mood.

Jessica T. Part 1


Jessica T. Part 2

Jessica’s Life Has Been Transformed in a Few Short Months:

  • She had been to many doctors but had not gotten her wanted results
  • No more insomnia
  • No more warm or cold flashes
  • No more pain in her body
  • Her small lifestyle changes have made a huge difference
  • Great results after having seen SEVEN DIFFERENT DOCTORS / RHEUMATOLOGISTS
  • Eczema is gone!
  • No longer need tons of expensive supplements to function
  • Solvent free, natural products made all the difference

Chasya’s Life is Transformed in 1 and 1/2 Months:

  • 16 Pounds of Weight Loss
  • Dramatically Improved Sleep
  • Anxiety Gone
  • Heart Palpitations Gone
  • Hyperthyroidism Gone

How Does Debra Get Off Her Thyroid Medication After 20 yrs. of Use After Just 2 Treatment Visits?

Other Results:
    • Back Pain Gone
    • Headaches Gone
    • 20 Pounds Of Weight Loss
    • Knee Pain Gone
    • Neck Pain Gone
    • Hashimoto’s Symptoms Relieved
    • Goiter Reduced in Less than 3 Months

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