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Gus B. Part 1

Gus B. Part 2

Gus Gets Amazing and Fast Results For:
  • Lack of focus
  • Increasing energy

Leon Brie

Leon has experienced dramatic results with:
  • Incresaed energy
  • Healthier skin with few breakouts — cystic acne gone
  • Better digestion


Stephen has had permanent results with:

Nerve pain, heavy metal toxicity, parasites, healthy nutrition


Lilaupaya Lisa Koester has had lots of self-realization that includes:
  • 18 pounds of weight loss
  • Headaches gone
  • Anxiety gone
  • Depression gone
  • Hormones now balanced


Donica better health results than any other time of her life with:

Back and neck pain, sleep, strength/stamina and digestion and getting to the underlying cause of the pain. She received help with her spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

Jamie McManis

Jamie has experienced dramatic results with:

Depression and no longer needing antidepressants, healing from exercise induced injury.

Elle Gamboa is seeing dramatic results for:

Foot neuropathy, jaundiced liver, poor dietary habits, food sensitivities, sugar cravings, lifestyle change commitments, money and personal relationship changes.


Teresa Blenio receives help with:

Kidney stones, hormone imbalance, pancreatic dysfunction and menopausal symptoms.


Cathy receives help with:

Constipation, headaches, sleep, cough, hip and foot and leg pain.


Addison has seen relief for:

Emotional ups and downs, hot flashes, belly fat, exhaustion, and lots of confusion about nutrition and health.


Brenda has been experiencing phenomenal results with:

Arthritis, nutritional deficiencies, back pain, high blood pressure and learning the importance of self-care in regards to water, protein and rest.


Anne-Frans has seen relief for:

Digestive difficulties and feeling a bit bloated, candida infection, foggy thinking / mental fatigue, mood swings and sleeping.


Melita’s Results:

Ankle pain gone, hair loss gone! Yoga has gone from unbearable to great due to improved balance.


In a single treatment and 9 days Daniel has experienced amazing results for:

Digestive problems, poor dietary and eating habits, exhaustion, poor concentration / cloud thinking, sugar addiction, coffee / energy drink reliance.


Beverly has seen results for:

Low back and pelvic pain, sugar and carb addiction, 14 pounds of weight loss in 2 visits, phobia of chiropractic, Brachioridal Puritis, diets and lifestyle.

Ray has seen tremendous results for:

Fatigue, liver toxicity, emotional and psychological help like cleaning out a closet in all areas of his life.

Lulu Luna

Lourdes has had excellent results with:
  • 28 pounds of weight loss
  • Heart disease
  • Mood
  • Decreasing blood pressure medication
  • Helping family with their health:
    • Daughter with thyroid and weight
    • Sons
    • Sister with digestion
In just 2 treatment visits Adey has had amazing results with:
  • Life long chronic sinus infections, low energy, headaches, and PMS

Dr. Dalal A.

In just 1 treatment, Dr. Dalal A. has great results with:

Aggravating cough and sleep.


In just 1 single treatment, Kayla has miraculous results with:
  • 6 months of foot pain and needing to walk with a cast is gone
  • Headaches gone

Lorette Part 1

Lorette Part 2

Loretta P. shares her life changing story of The Skolnikoff Method:
  • She no longer self medicates
  • She lost 17 pounds in only 3 weeks after 2 treatments!
  • She is able to receive chiropractic care and one stop shopping
  • She is able to receive nutritional therapiest
  • Her blood pressure has come down by more than 35 pounds and she is doing great.
  • The swelling in her ankles has greatly improved.

Mark Anthony Stephens

Mark Anthony Stephens

Mark Anthony Stephens from  Edge On Regenerative Medicine Tells His Amazing Story:
  • Monthly Migraines and Headaches for 36 Years Gone After First Treatment Visit!
  • Diet Greatly Improved

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