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Business Advice that is genuine and valuable can be challenging to find sometimes because there is so much of it out there.  So, how do you know who to listen to?

In this video you can discover Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff’s entire story.  Why did he end up going to chiropractic school?  Why did he work so hard to learn how to effectively help people with their health?  What does this story have to do with Dr. Skolnikoff’s father and Dr. Skolnikoff’s health?

You will also be able to learn Dr. Skolnikoff’s background in studying a variety of aspects of health even before he ever started chiropractic school.  He worked for nearly 8 years with an Environmental and Health Company before becoming a chiropractor.  During that time he learned a great deal about natural skin care, hair care, nutrition, weight loss, body care products, water treatment, air treatment and other personal care products.  This really set the foundation for his studies in health and nutrition, functional medicine, applied clinical nutrition, integrative medicine, food and behaviour, autoimmune disease, functional endocrinology, pathology, and many of the causes and solutions for health concerns that he had developed as a result of burn out and excessive work hours.  Dr. Skolnikoff had experienced many of his own hormone imbalances.  He had had severe acne as a child.  He had tried many things to get rid of the acne but much of the therapies he used were not only ineffective, but actually made the acne worse.

Liver disease and hormone imbalance were at the core of what he was learning from having had his own health challenges.  He also discusses how Professional Applied Kinesiology came to his rescue when other healing modalities did not work very well.

Dr. Ilya had a LOT of challenges with his health.  He had an unstable mood — getting depressed.  He was getting about 5 or 6 acupuncture treatments per week.  He was experiencing chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  He was even getting chiropractic adjustments regularly at the time.  He was having cloudy thinking and things were not good.

Fortunately there is a happy ending to this sad story.  When Dr. Skolnikoff finally found someone who could help him his life changed around completely.  He no longer needed a handful of pills to wake up in the morning or a handful of pills to go to sleep at night.  His energy had improved.  His digestion improved.  He was sleeping much, much, much better at night.  His mood improved.  His energy improved.  The transformation of Dr. Skolnikoff was incredible.  As a result of all of his struggles, Dr. Skolnikoff is great at helping people with their health now because he has been on the other side of the coin where he was the patient.  Today Dr. Skolnikoff is a spectacle of health.  All of those healing therapies that he received have certainly paid off.

This video that you have just watched is especially geared toward a health care provider that is new and wanting to build their practice.  I hope you have found it helpful.

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