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Viagra, Levitra and Prozac and Viagra are not medication deficiencies.  A great deal of discussion is made in this 10 minute video about why they are not able to help men with this condition, but instead, just prescribe medications.

There is also some discussion made regarding vaccinations and their affect on the human body.  These medications are required by law.  People have been accepting that their health freedoms are being taken away because they keep hearing the same lies over and over and over and over again they start to believe that those lies are true.

There is so much confusion about this that people are even believing that CBD and marijuana products of different sorts and heal seizures and coughs.  In fact, there is even “PROOF” of this fallacy.  What is meant by this is that there is research that shows that cannabis can help with seizures and a variety of other conditions and yet, while this may be true, the medical community is ignoring what is causing the seizures.  What is the emotional cause of the seizures?  What is the chemical cause of the seizures?

Here is the video.

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