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Unknown-1One of the biggest health problems that our modern society faces is heavy metal toxicity.  Many people that I talk to have absolutely no idea what heavy metal toxicity is and how it affects us; but they should.  There are 16 different heavy metals that are  most commonly found in the environment.  These heavy metals are called aluminum, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, gold, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, silver, titanium, and zinc.  There are all sorts of ways that people can be exposed to heavy metals.  One of the most common sources of heavy metal exposure is from dental materials and the metal fillings that were commonly used 30 years ago.  Nickel gold alloys are still used today and these also will release heavy metals into a person’s body to carrying degrees depending on how old the gold fillings are.


Therapies used at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center can help to “Neutralize Amalgums” used in dental materials.  For those people older than 38 years old, this is an especially important process that can be a life saver.  In our office we use a process called Photomagnetic Amalgam Neutralization.  Mercury, and other dental materials can permeate the tooth and jaw.  Even after the fillings are removed, the residual materials remain.  The photomagnetic amalgum neutralization procedure is specific to mercury and other metals found in dental amalgams.  Other procedures are required for infections or reactions to non-metallic dental materials.



Disharmonization is the loss of resilience to a specific stressor such as an allergen, pathogenPollutants thoughts on communication, toxin, environment, pollutant, thought, etc…  Disharmonization may result in aberrant physiology contributing to symptoms and/or pathologies.  We have disharmony for a number reasons.  The electromagnetic field around the body cannot only be scientifically measured, it can also be photographed.  This photography of the electromagnetic field is called Kirlian photography.  There are also new medical specialists called Kirlian diagnosticians.  Many major medical centers have them on staff.  They are usually master acupuncturists and many have gone to Heidelberg, Germany for training in reading and analyzing the magnetic field for diagnostic purposes.  Most of this information that you are reading about here comes straight from Total Body Modification.


Heavy metal toxicity is very well known to be implicated in such diseases as heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and other similar chronic diseases.  Heavy metal poisoning is very common and very serious.  It is one of the major causes of degenerative diseases.  Our daily life is one of the constant exposure to toxicity from that heavy metals.  Patients who experience heavy metal toxicity can have the problem recurr repeatedly.


The most common causes of heavy metal toxicity are a history of low water intake, vegetarianism/Veganism and hyochlorhydria (also associated with vegetarianism).  Common exposures are cooking utensils, dinnerware, dental work and living on planet Earth.  Heavy metals are not new and our body has the ability to detoxify them.  The major metals found in dishes and cookware are lead, copper, cadmium, and nickel.  It is best to use Pyrex, Corelle or glass when eating / cooking.  Avoiding aluminum pans is an excellent idea.  Avoiding aluminum tinfoil for cooking is necessary.  Cast iron pans may not necessarily be such a good idea, but a good holistic doctor can help you to make good decisions about this.  Teflon might possibly be ok if it is not scratched, worn, or chipped.  But, personally, I do not trust teflon.  It is best to use stainless steel with no aluminum or copper inserts.  All cookware will leach into food, so only cook with things you don’t mind in your food.


In our office at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center it is not uncommon that we find patients who need to detoxify 3, 4, 5 or six or even more heavy metals.  In fact, some patients will have all the heavy metals that we test for……. But this is rather unusual.  It takes approximately 4 to 7 weeks for the body to eliminate each heavy metal that it is trying to detoxify.  So, the more heavy metals that need to be eliminated the longer it takes.  When we find that our patients have lead poisoning it is almost certain that one or more other metals will also be found.

When detoxifying heavy metals, patients may become much better for a brief period of time and then much worse again.  This is called a “healing crisis.”  Please refer to our separate blog post called “healing crisis.”  When patients experienced these hills and valleys of getting better and then getting worse, and then getting better and then getting worse; it can be rather discouraging for both the patient and the doctor.  But this is part of the process of removing all of the metals from the patient’s body.

It is important that people who are detoxifying heavy metals realize that they may not be mentally and physically alert enough to operate automobiles or heavy machinery for 24 to 36 hours after the process of detoxification begins.  Also, patients should be aware that they may undergo mild to severe depression and even feel suicidal at times while detoxifying heavy metals.  This is perfectly normal when undergoing heavy metal detoxification.  For patients who live alone, special arrangements may be necessary when they are detoxifying lead, mercury, tin, and aluminum.


Barium and sulfur and titanium and other toxic heavy metals have been found in chem trails, also called con trails.  These are not just condensation trails from airplanes.  Many of the trails that we see in the sky from the airplanes have a variety of toxic chemicals in them.  The rumor is that they are using these heavy metals like titanium and aluminum and barium to reflect the suns light to cool the earth in order to decrease global warming.  They call this “geo-engineering.”  This is a terrible idea all around and has lead to lots of problems for the plant life, deforestation, and the dry land we are seeing now in California that has lead to countless wildfires.  This “geo-engineering” has been going on since the 1960s.

Patients who have the least number of side effects from detoxifying heavy metals are the ones who eat lots of red meat and drink lots of spring water.  Sometimes Sulfur containing the nutritional supplements can help.  A few of these sulfur containing nutrients are cysteine, methionine, cystine, and taurine.  It can also be helpful to eat lots of garlic, onions, egg yolk, fresh kale and cilantro and parsley, and the legumes, as well as fresh Green vegetables and beets.  However, recommendations are made more specifically for each individual patient.  Cysteine, cystine, and glutamine are the precursors, with help from vitamin C and selenium, and from the anti-oxidant glutathione.  Reduced glutathione may also be taken as a supplement by some patients when under a doctor’s supervision.  Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale can also be quite helpful.



Silver and lead veins run through the earth.  They are toxic to sleep near or otherwise linger over (not altogether unlike naturally occuring radon gas).  It may be the reason that you’re feeling sick.  Many health oriented people how been told that if they go to the health food store and purchase colloidal silver and take it as directed that they can then rid themselves of various bacterial, viral and fungal infections.  This is true.  In fact, it has been substantiated to get rid of more than 200 different pathogens.  However, it is a Catch-22.  While it is true that the colloidal silver gets rid of all these pathogens, it poisons you while doing so.  It is believed that the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire was partly due to poisoning from the silver in the mugs that they used to drink out of.  Many of the Romans went crazy and their lips turned blue from the silver poisoning.  Common sources of silver poisoning in modern times are also dental fillings and jewelry.  Lead used to be present in pencils prior to 1978.  Lead can also be found in car exhaust, paint, Plumbing, canned foods, hair dies, newsprint, and tapwater.  In fact, San Francisco tapwater has


always had some of the highest levels of lead in the entire country.






Anyone with Alzheimer’s disease should be screened for aluminum.  aluminum intends to freeze or irritate nerve endings, producing spasm and contracture.  Detoxification can cause flulike symptoms with an kidney pain as in cadmium detoxification, and mental confusion as in advanced Alzheimer’s.



Cooking utensils, antacids, baking powders, antiperspirant’s, some soft water, aluminum foils, and processed foods containing aluminum, some canned beverages (table salt, individually wrapped cheese slices).


Vitamin C in high doses of usually 6 to 12 grams, calcium, magnesium, B6.  (the vitamin C acts as a binding agent).

Aluminum appears to deposit in and around the spinal cord.


People don’t realize how common and arsenic toxicity is.  Arsenic produces a generalized toxicity involving the digestive system.  Detoxification can cause severe headaches.  There can be involvement of the fourth ventricle of the brain.  This means that the cerebrospinal fluid will be affected.  Arsenic and lead seem to pair up quite frequently.


Cooking utensils, dishes, pesticides, wire, tobacco smoke, household laundry aids (absorbed through the skin), beer, table salt, agar, colored chalk, seafood, and industrial exposure in the metal, paint, dye, cosmetic, and insecticide industries, some supplements including kelp, dolomite, and bone meal.  Some pine needles tend to concentrate arsenic and can transmit to those handling the pine needles.



Selenium, sulphur-bearing amino acids, ascorbic acid, and tocopherols.  The selenium is a binding agent.



Lead can be the most difficult heavy-metal to detoxify. But, as you might have guessed, at Triad Of Health Family Healing Center we have no trouble helping people with this nasty substance.  Lead usually has an emotional component that comes with its detoxification.  There is a relationship between holding onto something emotional in the past, and holding onto lead in the body.  Failing to deal with the emotional component first can stop the detoxification process.  The doctor must handle this component first.  THIS IS HUGELY IMPORTANT.  And furthermore, it is missed by most healthcare practitioners due to their lack of training at being able to help with emotional imbalances.  Lead will mimic multiple sclerosis.  Anyone with a diagnosis of MS should be screened for lead.  The binding agents for lead our vitamin C and calcium.



Dinnerware, cooking utensils, auto exhaust, or topical exposure to let it gasoline. Calcium supplements such as bone marrow and dolomite frequently contain lead since let is deposited in the bone tissue. Colloidal mineral supplements may have high heavy metal content. For example, one such company that sells these trace mineral supplements sources them from a large inland sea here in the United States.  Certain cosmetics and foods that have been contaminated by insecticides, fertilizers, and atmospheric pollutants, are also sources of lead.  Polluted water, lead-glazed pottery, lead-lined storage containers, “tin” cans soldered with lead solder, canned tuna and marijuana all may contain lead.

Formaldehyde is an activator for lead.  Morticians habitually have lead toxicity because of the formaldehyde.  Other toxic sources that include chemically aged beer, cosmetics, carpeting, drapes, particle board, glues, and car interiors.

Formaldehyde is the most common toxic chemical to which we are exposed.


Calcium (dolomite is limestone and it is a terrible source of calcium because it may contain lead), vitamin C, pectin, cysteine, methionine,cystine, ascorbic acid, the tocopherols (vitamin E), iron if indicated, B complex vitamins, chromium, and algin.  Some binding agents for lead are vitamin C and calcium.  Garlic may reduce blood lead levels in key organs such as the kidneys and liver.  Garlic  may also help to improve balanced blood sugar and the biochemical pathways that support balanced blood sugar.  There is some research showing that garlic may also be neuroprotective against lead induced brain damage.  This range of effects is probably due to a range of sulfur-based compounds including methionine that play a key role in the synthesis of amino acids and antioxidants such as glutathione.  However, significant human studies are needed to demonstrate the applicability of the animal test results to humans. Some studies indicate that fresh garlic may be more effective than garlic capsules, but again, more research is needed to know for sure.  It might be noted that odorless garlic does not necessarily reduce the effectiveness of the garlic substance.  We have the sources of all of this research in the office if you happen to need it before, during or after a treatment session.

It is common for multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and ALS to be misdiagnosed when they are actually the results of heavy metal toxicity due to lead and / or arsenic.



In a similar way to the way in which lead is difficult to detoxify from body, Mercury is also very difficult to detoxify.  Detoxification will typically take 4 to 7 weeks.


Dental fillings, shellfish, tuna, plastics, ointments, printer’s ink, some water-based paints, organo-mercurial pesticides with fungicides, grains and seeds treated with methyl mercury, water based house paints, chlorine bleaches, contaminated fish, and cosmetics.


Selenium, sulfur-bearing amino acids (cysteine, cystine, and methionine), pectin, vitamin C, and the tocopherols.  Binding agents for the mercury are selenium and sometimes other things will bind as well.



Copper causes irritation to the digestive tract resulting in nausea and indigestion.  Nausea can be prolonged and severe when detoxifying, and it may be accompanied by vomiting.  Pathognomonic signs experienced by the patient are: patients can only sit small amounts of water.  Detoxification takes 3 to 4 weeks.


Copper plumbing, Copper bottom stainless steel pans, dishes, swimming or bathing in a pool or hot tub where copper compounds are used as algicides.  Teflon seems to block the effect of the copper, but it may lead to cadmium poisoning.


Zinc, sulfur bearing amino acid such as those contained in eggs, onions and garlic, vitamin C, iron, bioflavonoids, and pectin.  Binding agents are zinc, and sometimes selenium and chromium.  The use of zinc must be carefully controlled because otherwise it will deplete and imbalance other needed minerals.


Cadmium is easily detoxified.  Detoxification symptoms can be flulike with generalized back pain or kidney pain.  Cadmium will destroy the kidneys eventually, resulting in hypertension.  Detoxification takes 3-5 weeks.


Dishes, cooking utensils, (especially Teflon-coated).  It is present in measureable amounts in virtually all foods and beverages, but is highest in seafoods (especially shellfish), teas, and cigarette smoke.  Additional sources are paints, pigments, some drinking water, galvanized pipes, batteries, auto exhaust, industrial smoke and wastes, some natural supplements such as dolomite and bone meal and marijuana.


Zinc, eggs, onions, garlic, selenium, manganese, calcium, vitamin C, and sufur-bearing amino acids.  Zinc is the binding agent.NickelObvNICKEL

Detoxification mimics a mild case of flu. Sites of infection seem to be a focus of nickel toxicity.  Detoxification takes 2 to 3 weeks.


Dishes, cooking utensils, nickel mining, batteries, ceramics, ink.  Nickel can be found in spark plugs, jewelry, and various rubber materials.  Nickel coins have some nickel in them as well.  Nickel is used to harden stainless steel, gold, and amalgam.


Vitamin C, sulfur-bearing amino acids, pectin, and the tocopherols (Vitamin E).  The binding agent for nickel is vitamin




Zinc affects the nervous system, causing peripheral neuritis and a sensation of bugs crawling on the skin.  Calcium is the binding agent for zinc.

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