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Love is the answer.

Love will lead the way.

Love will heal.

Let love guide you and you will find your way.

Always trust in love.

Love beckons.

Love remembers.

Love forgives.

Love let’s go…..but never EVER gives up.

Love is the way.

Love will wake you up.

Love will put you to sleep.

When all else fails, you can rely on love.

Love is the universal language.

Love has no boundaries.

Love feels no shame.

Love will accept you for who you are.

Love with all of your faults and shortcomings.

Love your life and your life will love you back.

Love your body and your body will love you back.

Love your virtues and your sins will not seem so bad.

Love your family – it does not matter why or how or whether or not they deserve your love. Love them anyway.

Love your enemies and soon you will no longer have any.

Love your weaknesses as much as your strengths.

Learn to love that which you cannot.

Strive to love more and often.

Be the love that you are looking for in others.

Never be scared to show your love and love will always find you.

Love when you cannot love anymore. Keep loving and loving…

Never grow tired of love and it will not grow tired of you. You will always be able to rely on it – always, always, always, no matter what happens – in life or in death.

When you have learned to MASTER the art of love in all areas of your life you will be truly free. When you have learned to MASTER love you will have repaid God with God’s biggest gift to you – the gift of life.

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