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Prior to meeting Dr. Ilya I was going through quite a challenging and ungrounded period of my life. I was not feeling stable and was unsure why this was the case. I generally felt anxious and didn’t wake up feeling great like I knew I should. My first visit to Dr. Ilya was exciting and I was relieved to discover his knowledge, commitment and expertise toward health challenges traditional western practitioners could not address. After about 3 months of following the lifestyle changes I really felt my entire being shift. I felt patient, grounded, energized and stable. At about 5 months I feel well on my way towards the stoked life I like to lead. My body feels less achy having switched towards a carnivorous diet. I am supremely grateful for Dr. Ilya’s guidance and commitment.

I wake up feeling great and feel great almost all of the time!

Benny Jacobs-Schwartz

24 years old

Santa Cruz, CA

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