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I am a returning patient with a chronic debilitating disease who saw Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff a couple of years ago. He was my miracle worker – he gave me my life back (with me doing my part of the work too) and I returned to him again a couple of weeks ago after having failed somewhat to keep up with the recommendations he gave me and as a consequence, having exacerbated my condition again. I can say without a doubt that he has again proven to be not only a wonderful chiropractor (my back was killing me and in one session he set the healing in motion) but he is also a well-rounded holistic health practitioner incorporating Body, Mind and Emotions as well as Spirit. His amazing knowledge blows my mind and I like to say that for me he is like a genius Merlin/ Wizard type of Mad Professor. He helps me feel better and that is what matters the most to me. Thank you Dr. Ilya!

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