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Dr. Skolnikoff does have the ability to find and fix your health problems. I saw him for 4 months. I felt better and looked better than I have in years. Believe me I have seen many doctors to try to get a handle on these issues than I can even keep track of. I am over weight, Losing all my hair , suffering so much pain in my body from fibromyalgia. For a good 3 months I was pain free, my hair had stopped falling out, my itching stopped, new hair had started growing back. My energy level was awesome. However when I was taken off the supplements every thing went back to where it was in the beginning. I seemed to lose the battle of the the food. I seem to have lost the strength to stay away from the bad foods. I did run out of the funds to go back to him,but when I replenish them, I will try to start over again. He really has something that traditional doctors do

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