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The medical industry is so lost that they actually prescribe medication for nutritional deficiencies and they are so confused that they have convinced themselves that people suffer from drug deficiencies rather than nutritional deficiencies.  Is anyone in the audience deficient of aspirin?  Is anyone here deficient in prozac?  Is anyone here deficient in Thyroid medication or Thyroid hormone?

It has gotten so bad that when people are not feeling well and go to see their medical doctor for help, the medical profession has made up names for how the person feels and they call these names diseases like Hashimotos or Diabetes or Lupus or Fibromyalgia.  Then, instead of treating the cause of the disease, they simply have spent billions of dollars on developing drugs that relieve the immediate symptoms but that allow the disease to fester.

Can you imagine?  So, a person with a thyroid problem goes to their medical doctor.  The medical doctor has absolutely no idea what is going on so they do a bunch of laboratory tests and discover that the person’s thyroid hormones are very low.  Because they do not have the skill or proper clinical training to diagnose what is the imbalance in the person that has caused these thyroid hormone levels to be low, they simply supply the person with thyroid hormones.  Now their thyroid hormones are up again, but the cause of the problem has not changed a bit.  The structural cause of the problem is still there.  The chemical cause of the problem is still there.  And the emotional cause of the problem is still there.  Don’t people make their own thyroid hormones?  If we make our own thyroid hormones then wouldn’t it make sense to diagnose why a person is not making enough thyroid hormone and then learn the skills and therapies needed to improve that person’s thyroid hormone production?  This is unheard of in western medicine.  In western medicine there are only 3 therapies: drugs, radiation and surgery.  So, if you are not interested in receiving a surgery or being given drugs or being irradiated (the same thing that caused people in World War II to die after the atomic bomb was used on civilians such as in Hiroshima), then there really is no other therapy that they have available.  Does this seem strange to you?

It has gotten so bad that they just ignore all of the nutritional deficiencies that their patients suffer from while supplying them with medications that are toxic that often create the same symptoms that the patient is wanting to rid themselves of.  For example, cancer is treated with chemotherapy.  Cancer is an immune system disease that is often caused by excess toxicity in the body.  Chemotherapeutic agents are very toxic, they weaken the immune system and cause the body to become more toxic.  Therefore, these chemotherapeutic agents actually CONTRIBUTE to the cause of cancer.  This is NOT my opinion.  This has been well researched and well documented.  Medications are made in laboratories and are synthetic and are toxic, how can they provide a person with health?

4.7 Billion dollars was spent during the last 12 months on marketing anti-depressants.  That is right – billion with a B.  I am not talking about manufacturing of the anti-depressants or research and development.  I am just talking about the marketing of these drugs – the sale of these drugs.

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